Whatever happened to the Polish Nazis in the DFLA?

27 06 2019


In March we published an article about the DFLA Polish Division. We revealed open neo-Nazis in their ranks and how they worked as a personal security for Gerard Batten and Stephen Yaxley Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson.

After we published it, the DFLA responded by stating that “an official investigation” would take place related to information they had received about Nazis in their ranks, suggesting that they knew nothing about this before we brought it to their attention.

Just how much investigating is needed to find out whether guys with swastikas and Combat 18 tattoos are Nazis or not, we are not exactly sure. We fail to see how the DFLA leadership couldn’t spot that the ‘sound lads’ from Poland at their general meeting and at a social afterwards were covered in Nazi tattoos and that they didn’t have a single look at any of their Facebook profiles.

The mysterious ‘investigation’ is announced.


After the announcement of the ‘official investigation’ everything went very quiet. Despite repeatedly asking the DFLA via their social media what had happened to their Nazi pals from Poland, there was a complete silence. No results of the ‘official investigation’ were ever published. The only thing that we noticed is that the DFLA Polish Division Facebook group has disappeared and there have been claims of the Polish Division being ‘disbanded’ but again, nothing official from the DFLA.

There is no way anyone with any common sense can believe stories about ‘investigations’ and how the DFLA is (time after time) surprised to find Nazis in their ranks. In the case of the Polish Division this is quite clearly a case of being found out and hoping that it’s possible to sweep the whole thing under the carpet.

Shaun Holt and Matthew Bartnik of the Polish Division DFLA acting as James Goddard’s security.

Our Polish Nazi friends appeared in March together with James Goddard during his trial in Manchester acting as his security. The whole merry group was seen again during Tommy Robinson’s pre-election campaign freely mingling with his supporters and proclaiming that “Salford is right-wing“. They clearly haven’t vanished and are seemingly more than welcome at different events.



As the DFLA is trying again to organise public events, this time in support of ‘veterans’, it’s worth remembering just what kind of people are still accepted in their ranks.



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