Plymouth EDL flop again

14 04 2013

Plymouth EDL played another shocker yesterday with their anti-mosque protest outside an empty building that is probably not going to be a mosque anyway. Haley Wells Plymouth EDL organiser who escaped going to prison earlier this year by telling the judge she had nothing  to do with the EDL anymore was in attendance along with a collection of dregs from around the south.

Unhelpfully some antifascist groups have misrepresented  the numbers at the demo, why? The reason the Casuals United page is now a running joke is the fact they don’t even bother to make their bullshit believable, we don’t need to make shit up!

The police and Plymouth Herald put the EDL numbers at 25 – it looks about right, maybe a little generous but still some way off the 350 the racists wanted. It shows how much the Plymouth group has shrunk over the past year or so in line with the rest of the organisation, especially as they were bulked up by their fellow travelling class traitors from as far away as Berkshire. Weymouth division, Bournemouth and Poole, and Exeter also sent a car each so the amount of plymouthians actually opposed to the Islamic centre moving to Union Street must be about 5. Bournemouth Division also reckons there were Casuals and a new group South West Frontline Firm in attendance – does anyone else think these groups share members?

pretty standard stuff

pretty standard stuff

The EDL did manage to make some daft banners much to the delight of the opposing antifascist demo who looked on with bewilderment as the fascist on the megaphone ranted on about paedophiles. Not white paedophiles though, they don’t mind those. The antifascist demo was also small, a quick headcount revealed 29, but at least they were representative of Plymouth and not bussed in. There seems to have been some confusion with the counter protest leading to some people not getting the info in time, something to look at for next time.

Some more worrying events happened when a local Muslim lady approached the EDL demo – she was escorted away by police and told to stay at home. Another young Asian man seemingly unaware of what the fuck was going on was asked to cross the road by police to avoid the racists. As if we need any more evidence that the state cannot be relied upon when dealing with fascists.

All in all this little piss poor demo sums up the EDL nationwide, ie shit. Those that are left though are the hardcore fascists, and many that have left to start their own cults are still lurking around and willing to get on the streets. Plymouth Anti Fascists may also want to investigate EDL claims that the Firkin Doghouse on Union Street agreed to play host to the scum before and after the demo.

Plymouth EDL gear up for pointless demo

3 04 2013

A couple of years back Plymouth EDL tried to host a demo, it was pathetic – the organisers fucked up as much as possible, some people got the wrong meet up point, the other 100 got kettled in town while an energetic anti demo had the run of the streets. Things took a more precarious turn later in the day as some more up for it EDLers crept through the back door of a pub where the antifascsists were gathered outside. They then sent an older guy (who had spoken at the Fascist demo) out to drink among the antifascists in the hope of drawing people into a fight. The plan did not work however – as people started to tell the old chap to fuck off the police swooped and whisked him off. The lads in the pub were then escorted out by police through a hail of abuse and the odd bottle. Later in the evening they came back and thought about attacking an antifascist benefit gig but this also came to nothing.

Just last month Plymouth’s hapless EDL leaders Hayley Wells and Kelly Watterson escaped jail following a particularly cowardly attack on a Kurdish takeaway they targeted after a bout of heavy refreshment at an EDL meeting. Here’s the report from the local paper: Plymouth Herald. Rather than keeping their noses clean for a while they have jumped straight into organising an anti-mosque demo at the site of the disused Dance Academy building on Union Street in the city (poster below). The problem with this latest scheme is that the building is not going to be a mosque!! It was a suggestion that was made (It would not even be a new one but a change of venue for the existing Islamic centre) however there is a group with a serious interest in it here: Project Palace. Most people we’ve spoken to down in Plymouth do not want any kind of religious group to take over the historic building, but want something the whole community can use. Want they want even less though is the EDL muppets stirring up racial hatred in their city!

Moronic Protest

Moronic Protest

This Poster is doing the rounds on the EDL facebook pages, they’ve tried to make it look like it’s not an EDL event but here’s a previous picture for it: plymouth2

It was supposed to be a joint demo with Exeter EDL but it looks like they all fell out with each other again.  Bournemouth however are billing it as an ideal starting place for those who have not been to a demo before. So it’s a good guess that the hardcore remnants of the EDL will be in attendance.

Are they protesting so they can claim a victory? It’s difficult to understand the mind of a racist at the best of times!  The local community has again set up a facebook group to counter the demo if it does go ahead. Antifascists may want to take note that the Plymouth EDL group is no stranger to violence and there are also a number of wannabe paramilitary CXF lurking around, although they were seen off last time. Watch this space.