What does Dover Mean for Antifascists?

14 09 2015

There are already a lot of reports of what happened in Dover on Saturday knocking about, so we’ll keep ours short and sweet, and focus on the analysis. What does Dover mean for the Antifascist Movement in this country?

The day started with a 150-strong bloc of locals and AFN gathering in Pencester Gardens, forming up behind a large “Open the Borders” banner, and marching to occupy the fascists’ RV point at the Castle Inn.


The AFN bloc forming up.

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Oxford shouts down Le Pen

6 02 2015

A lively crowd gathered in Oxford to voice opposition to Marine Le Pen, French fascist, speaking at the Oxford Union. The talk was delayed and many of the audience never made it inside, as antifascists blocked the entrance gate and climbed on the fences hanging banners. Le Pen was smuggled in and out the back by police, so presumably got at least a vague idea how unwelcome she is. Read the rest of this entry »

Britain First Fascists Embarrassed in Rochester

2 11 2014

Yesterday (01/11/14) was Britain First’s “National Day of Action” in Rochester, the town in which their deputy leader, Jayda Fransen, is standing for election. Despite talk on the internet of “hundreds of patriots”, barely 80 fascists actually made it, virtually none of whom were actually from Rochester or Strood. They were opposed and outnumbered by around 100 to 150 local residents and militant anti-fascists.

Britain First and Antifascists in a stand off at the Station.

Britain First and anti-fascists in a stand off at the station.

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Fascists Have No Place in Portsmouth

14 10 2014
While most of the morons of the EDL were in Birmingham, the Portsmouth group abandoned their comrades to have a demo about a Muslim faith school. It didn’t exactly create good PR…
“Anti-Fascists easily outnumbered the 20 or so EDL in Portsmouth today. Even if they did have the mighty Waterlooville Defence League with them.”
Photo: Anti-Fascists easily outnumbered the 20 or so #EDL in #Portsmouth today. Even if they did have the mighty Waterlooville Defence League with them. PMSL. :D

It sounds like a lot of people just going about their business joined in telling the EDL where to go, as well as all the people who came out specially.

You can read more from the local paper.

Well done to all anti fascists out in Birmingham today!

11 10 2014



AFN groups hooked up with Birmingham UAF, Birmingham Strong Justice4ALL, unions, community groups and many others under the ‘We Are Birmingham’ banner this Saturday 11th. People came out despite the rain to demonstrate in Victoria Square together, making clear we reject the EDL’s vile and divisive message. Everyone seemed to enjoy the live music and a chance meet new people. One topic that came up a lot was the Nobel Peace Prize awarded yesterday to Malala, a Pakistani schoolgirl and activist now living in Birmingham. Read the rest of this entry »

Nazis in Newcastle

8 10 2014

Last Saturday 4th October, anti fascists in Newcastle opposed the National Front (NF) demonstration at Grey’s Monument in the city centre. The NF are white nationalists, openly old-school fascists, into Enoch Powell and swastikas. Presumably worried about anti fascists ‘jumping the pitch’ the NF organisers turned up over half an hour early. By midday they were joined by English Defence League, Scottish Defence League and North East Infidels supporters, showing the truth behind their online claims to hate Nazis. There were about 40 of them hanging around in all. Read the rest of this entry »

Stevenage turns out against the EDL – Sat 7th June

8 06 2014


On Saturday 7th the EDL held a regional demo in Stevenage in Hertfordshire, supposedly protesting about ‘Muslim grooming gangs’. The pretext for this being two men and a woman from Stevenage who have been charged with offences related to the sexual trafficking of two under-age girls. They are currently innocent until proven guilty and will go to trial next year. The two guys happen to have Muslim names – that therefore makes this a ‘Muslim grooming gang’ apparently. When white people with English names are arrested for sexual offences funnily enough it isn’t immediately related to the religion we presume they profess and there are no demos against ‘Christian grooming gangs’.

The local Trades Council and Stevenage Against the EDL did a sterling job of mobilising local opposition to this racist hate-fest as 200 local anti-fascists and trade unionists took to the streets to show the EDL that they were not welcome in Stevenage. The local newspaper reported approximately 300 EDL had come to the town for their demo.

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