Stop the EDL in Shotton Nov 9th! Call out from North East Anti-Fascists

24 10 2013

NEAF banner

This is a call out by the North East Anti-Fascists to all concerned – watch this space for a further announcement as to exactly what is being planned.

To be honest we ignored the EDL in Shotton last time, we have better things to do actually than chase these losers around all the time. However, there is a growing consensus in and beyond the North East Anti-Fascists that they cannot be allowed to organise unnopposed.

Therefore the North East Anti-Fascists commit to opposing the EDL and Infidels in Shotton, what form this takes is yet to be decided, but we suggest that you talk to friends, arrange transport and days off work if necessary. It has not been clear whether this event was going to happen, as we shared a post by the EDL regional organiser who cancelled the event, but it appears that they have had a change of heart after the Infidels decided to carry on with the event, so not to be outdone the EDL apparently are claiming it too. This unholy alliance of the EDL, Infidels, and any old Nazi are promoting a demo in Shotton on November 9th 2013.

The stated objective of the fascists is “Protest Against Islamic Learning Centre in Shotton” which would be funny if it wasn’t so serious, of all the things going on they focus on this irrelevance.

A simple answer to EDL/Infidels shite is that it is right wing politics that ruined Shotton, it was the Thatcherite Tory bastards who closed coal mining in our region, which took employment out of the area with all the knock on effects this brings. The ‘Islamic community’ did not and does not control that. The fascists function to divide and distract people away from the real cause of problems, and that is capitalism.

However, we all know the dangers that such mobilisations of drunken racists and fascists bring to all, but especially those of Asian heritage. Therefore we call on all progressive & sound thinking people to oppose the spread of such racism & ignorance; to confront the fascists and to show that there is a better way than mindless prejudice and hatred, and to campaign together for a better life for all.

Our group has been discussing the best way for us to organise in the region, and our growing influence has resulted in regional groups being established to increase participation and our effectiveness.

We have meetings coming up of the different groups which form the North East Anti Fascists (NEAF), and they are ‘NEAF North’ on the 27th (North Durham, Tyne & Wear, Northumberland), & ‘NEAF South’ on the 30th (Hartlepool, Teesside, Stockton, Darlington, South Durham, & parts of North Yorkshire). Contact North East Anti-Fascists to get involved.

A counter-mobilisation has also been called by Durham County Unites Against the EDL

North East Anti-Fascists



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