Polish fascist Robert Winnicki opposed in London

30 10 2013


As reported in various places, extreme Polish right-winger Robert Winnicki was speaking in a number of venues across England and Wales last week. Winnicki is the honorary president of Młodzież Wszechpolska (MW) which translates as The All Polish Youth Movement, an extreme nationalistic, homophobic and anti-Semitic organisation. Winnicki himself is infamous for his speeches against “faggots” and saying that homosexuality is an illness that has to be cured, not accepted. During one of his speeches in 2012 he said “we are building a force of which faggots and leftists are so afraid”.

He was due to speak in Cambridge, Aberystwyth, Bristol and London.

The original advertised venues (mostly Catholic churches) appeared to know nothing about Winnicki speaking. The event in Cambridge took place despite protests in the Polonia Club as advertised. However, the Bristol event originally advertised for a church ended up taking place in  a pub after the church denied all knowledge. The event in Aberystwyth was originally advertised to take place in the University but ended up taking place in a secret location after protests from the Students Union, anti-fascists, LGBT and women’s groups.

In London, Polish anti-fascists organised to oppose Winnicki. Members of London Anti-Fascists joined them. About 30 anti-fascists confronted approximately 60 Polish Nazis. One anti-fascist was arrested.

This was a week that also saw the revelation of Polish fascists from the NOP  (Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski) organising on the streets of Norwich. In the face of this, let’s hope to see more growing links between established anti-fascist groups and Polish anti-fascists in the UK.

Here is a (google translated) report from The 161 Crew:


In the evening of 27 October, a group of about 30 people decided to go to a meeting and listen to what he has to say Robert Winnicki . When we arrived at the parish in Putney surprised us a view of dozens of nationalists defending the gates of the building and politely talking with police officers, after which it turned out they called themselves. The police informed us that the meeting was officially cancelled and that we have no business here. Despite assurances by the police decided to stay and loudly express our opinion on the Winnicki and hypocrisy Polish nationalists in exile. We have developed a banner “I do not pretend fascists angels” (with a picture of Winnicki in the brown uniform with angel wings in a crossed red circle) and began to przekrzykiwania the fascists defending the gate. Our opponents pulled out a green flag with a hand holding something like a penis. We learned that we are “minions of the system” (despite the fact that he encourages RN denucjowania the police nationalists from other groups, and the organiser of the meeting is Patriae Fidelis – powdered nationalist group – supporters of the capitalist regime), we also found out that the proponents do not Winnicki are racists, but they let slip a few times to “Pull dick niggers” (it was the fact that among us there were two Englishmen with dark skin who came to see the Polish zoo) or sexist when they started challenge our friends from “rags” . On their side counted until one woman (you can see their place in the national ideology). In the presence of the police fascists began to provoke and encourage us to attack, for the same answer did not respond, despite being outnumbered in the form of up to their peers. There were two clashes – when in the middle of the street there was a debate – in spite of a larger group of two fascists got in the snout, and the rest withdrew, and when I met a group of anti-fascists bonheadów reaching the meeting – quickly fled in the direction of the police. As you can see the spirit of the nation is not lost!

winnicki banner

One person was arrested and taken to the police station and several police escorted our group to the station, where they waited until we get to the trains. Mr. Robert could not be seen at the gate of the parish, so either not reached at a meeting, or as befits pawdziwego leader was hiding in the house and sent his puppet soldiers to fight for Great Poland. At the meeting with Mr. Vinnytsia in London there are about 70 men and one woman, which, as the huge Polish community in the capital city of England is worse than mediocre results, but do not run us – who hypocrisy and mediocrity ideological nationalists will always scoff.

– Squadron 161

Comment from the editor:

It seems that the UK tour Winnicki not gone too well. In Cambridge it is true there were no surprises, but the meeting with Robert Fuhrer in Bristol we had to move to the pub eventually they gathered less than 30 people, one knows that ultimately it was held in Aberystwyth, because the Nationalists had great trouble finding a new place (before the konspirze miejsowym clinched a place in the university , but when the case came to light , the university authorities oficjlne issued a statement in which forbade meetings in your area, writing that they wish to promote nationalism and homophobia).

Entries were incredibly humorous Anna Haller – Nowakowskiej from the association ProPatriae (or love Poland, working in the west), which describes the incident at a meeting in Bristol with “communist drug addicts .” Perhaps the most wowed part of how we all have t-shirts with the image of Stalin. In Aberyswyrth turn against the Polish patriots allied alliance Nazis and Communists – just like in 39! Neither your fantasies are so crazy that we doubt whether it even łykną to portal users fiction kibice.net

Can only enjoy the visit winniczka did not take place without hindrance. Respect the local anti-fascists and antyfaszystkom.




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