New resources for Slough demonstration

10 01 2014

AFN in co-ordination with Berkshire Anti-Fascists are calling for a mass mobilisation to Slough to oppose the EDL’s first national demo of 2014 on Saturday 1st February. The EDL hope to regain some momentum after another spectacular decline after losing Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carol. We stress that the EDL may have suffered over the last few months but they are still an active threat to diverse working class communities.

A flash mob organised “covertly” to oppose the Sharia Projects ( ex-Islam for UK / Anjem Choudary ) brought around 100 EDL / Far-right fascists to the streets of Edgware Road last Saturday.

We call on all our supporters, fellow anti-fascists and friends to come with us to Slough on 1st Feb in support of the local initiatives to oppose the EDL.

 London Anti-Fascists are organising transport / collective travel to Slough. Please get in contact if you are interested to attend by emailing us at: – subject line: transport

 7pm Friday January 24th – presentations, social, drinks & music (venue: TBA)

 7pm Saturday January 25th – public meeting & antifascist hip hop night (venue: TBA)

** Resources **
 We are printing thousands of flyers and stickers which will be available in the next week.

Watch out for further announcements.

London Anti-Fascists

South London Anti-Fascists

Berkshire Anti-Fascists


Look out for these stickers all over Slough and London soon!

For those who Facebook, here is a cover photo you can use:


And here’s the Facebook event



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