10 Days till Slough!

22 01 2014


It’s now only 10 days till the AFN demo against the EDL in Slough on Saturday 1st Feb.

Tell your friends and relatives. Organise yourself to get there and make sure that the EDL’s first demo of 2014 is also their last!

Things are moving rapidly. As mentioned in our report on recent actions in Lincoln and London the EDL seems to be fragmenting and whole divisions are defecting to a loose alliance of splinter groups (the Infidels, South East Alliance, Casuals etc.) So the EDL may be struggling for numbers in Slough. This is all the more reason for us to mobilise and to make sure we outnumber them and they have to scuttle out of Slough with their tail between their legs.

 London Anti-Fascists are organising transport / collective travel to Slough. Please get in contact if you are interested to attend by emailing us at: ldnantifascists@riseup.net – subject line: transport

Berkshire Anti-Fascists and London Anti-Fascists have been busy with thousands of leaflets and stickers spreading the word in Slough. Shops and minicab offices have been taking stacks of them. Berkshire have been speaking at public meetings and went to talk to people at Milad-un-Nabi Jalsa & Jaloos in Slough

Urdu and Polish translations of the mobilisation flyer have been produced

See you on the streets!






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