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29 01 2014

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With only 3 days to go, things are beginning to shape up with the Slough demo against the ailing EDL. London Anti-Fascists and Berkshire Anti-Fascists have been very busy leafletting in the town and talking to locals as well as organising numbers of people to come from outside Slough.

The route of the EDL march has been announced and also UAF and the local Trades Council have announced a counter-demo in town.

The police have rather bizarrely said they expect the EDL demo to be “nothing but peaceful” (don’t they watch Crimewatch? ) Even more bizarrely the EDL have announced that due to “Slough being such a diverse multi-cultural town” the demo will be ‘dry’ (ie – no alcohol) in order to avoid “offending other faiths with hordes of drunken fools.” One might be forgiven for thinking that was the entire purpose of the EDL.

The EDL have 570 people saying they’re coming on the Facebook event for the demo. Normally you can divide this by two to get true attendance figures. If you add to this the deterrent effect on the foot soldiers of a ‘dry’ demo that is apparently not supposed to offend the locals and all the recent EDL defections and infighting then we may potentially not be looking at huge numbers for a national demo.

We cannot rely on this however and it is all the more important to mobilise to get significant numbers out to really make an impact on the EDL’s first demo of 2014.



There are coaches running from London. Tickets are £5 return for students / un- or under-employed. £8 for everyone else. Book here:

Essex Anti-Fascists have also said they are organising transport from Essex (email: If you are elsewhere outside London, contact your local anti-fascist group to see if they are organising any transport.

See you there!



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