Fascist fail in Sunderland and Peterborough

31 03 2014

Well done to all the diverse anti-fascists, trade unionists and local people who stood up to the EDL in Peterborough and the EDL splinters the Sunderland Defence League and the North East Infidels in Sunderland at the weekend.

The fascists were split into two demos at opposite ends of country due to acrimonious divisions between the ‘official’ EDL and the even more racist EDL splinter groups.


Dwindling numbers on both sides of the split meant both demos together only pulled under 300 people. But 300 is still 300 too many and whatever their numbers, racists parading around town yelling abuse at people is never acceptable and needs to be opposed.


The excellent video by North East Anti-Fascists gives a good account of the day in Sunderland. Sunderland Echoes had a good account of the fascist march prior to Saturday. Special mention goes to this cycling fascist who in some kind of beautiful poetic metaphor for the whole ‘patriot’ movement tried to ride past the anti-fascists while waving a St.George’s flag at the same time and managed to crash into a lamp post.



In Peterborough, the EDL were opposed by a large number of local people mobilised by Peterborough Trades Council and the UAF.



In an illustrative incident from Sunderland, EDL member Connor Lee McIntosh was arrested for attacking a Mosque. His comments below very clearly show their unrepentant racism.


North East Anti-Fascists put a large amount of work into mobilising for Sunderland. Their next outing is to oppose the dwindling EDL in Newcastle on May 17th. Before then they also have a benefit gig on 25th April. They deserve your support.

Anti-fascist always!




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