World’s Shortest Ever Far-Right Demo: EDL in Colchester

22 05 2014


Today Essex EDL were set to do a wreath laying ‘commemoration’ of Lee Rigby’s death at the Colchester war memorial, hoping to use memories of the killing to boost their own failing movement. Essex Anti-Fascists organised a crowd of 100 locals to oppose the 25-30 EDL who made it, approximately 3 of whom were from Colchester, the rest shipped in from around the region.

Lee Rigby’s mother has made it clear what she thinks about the far-right utilising her son’s death for their political gain, but do they listen? Do they fuck. When it comes down to a choice between being respectful and using something as a stick to beat Muslims with, hating Muslims wins out every time.


Lee Rigby’s mother making it clear what she thinks of the far-right hijacking her son’s death

In June last year, the EDL did a similar war memorial stunt in the immediate aftermath of Rigby’s death. On that occasion they were at the war memorial for 3 hours, chanting their EDL chants and doing Nazi salutes at the war memorial for some reason best known to themselves. This year anti-fascists were gathered at the war memorial for over an hour before the EDL showed up. The racists walked 500 yards up the road, literally stood at the war memorial long enough to place a wreath in front of it, turned around and walked off again. Anti-fascists took the brief opportunity to tell them what they thought of the EDL’s exploitation of the event to spread racism, and that was it.


Nazi salutes at the war memorial last year

Well done to all who showed up in the middle of the day on a week day to make a stand against racists and fascists. We outnumbered them 3 to 1. Instead of 3 hours, this year they were only there 3 minutes. Vocal and visible opposition has made a difference to their willingness to take to the streets. Hopefully next year they won’t bother at all.

Well done also to Essex Anti-Fascists for organising an opposition to the EDL’s opportunism. Check them out!

Essex Anti-Fascists: Web / Facebook / Email / Twitter

Also check out @EDLMugs for Colchester fascist mug-shots!



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