Stevenage turns out against the EDL – Sat 7th June

8 06 2014


On Saturday 7th the EDL held a regional demo in Stevenage in Hertfordshire, supposedly protesting about ‘Muslim grooming gangs’. The pretext for this being two men and a woman from Stevenage who have been charged with offences related to the sexual trafficking of two under-age girls. They are currently innocent until proven guilty and will go to trial next year. The two guys happen to have Muslim names – that therefore makes this a ‘Muslim grooming gang’ apparently. When white people with English names are arrested for sexual offences funnily enough it isn’t immediately related to the religion we presume they profess and there are no demos against ‘Christian grooming gangs’.

The local Trades Council and Stevenage Against the EDL did a sterling job of mobilising local opposition to this racist hate-fest as 200 local anti-fascists and trade unionists took to the streets to show the EDL that they were not welcome in Stevenage. The local newspaper reported approximately 300 EDL had come to the town for their demo.

In advance of the demo, local anti-fascists did good work of contacting the pubs the EDL were hoping to use to gather in and informing them of the unsavory characters they were to be hosting. As a result four of them successively closed their doors to the EDL.

The Marquis of Lorne pub close their doors to the EDL

The Marquis of Lorne pub close their doors to the EDL


They were no major incidents or violence on the day but North London Anti-Fascists reported that “A few cheeky fuckers tried to walk amongst us but they were challenged and fucked out. Well done to all that took part.”

Stevenage Against the EDL also said: “Many EDL members were also photographed doing NAZI salutes. They showed their true colours today… THUGS!”


Unfortunately the EDL suggested to local newspapers that they would be returning to Stevenage  “in six weeks”. Due to this possibility of the racists returning  sometime in mid-July, Stevenage against the EDL are keeping their powder dry, ready to mobilise again if necessary and waiting for confirmation if this is mere bluster or not.

The Facebook event page is being kept current in order to respond as quickly as possible.

It makes all the difference having a visible opposition and not letting divisive racist hate go unchallenged. Respect to all who stood up to the EDL in Stevenage!





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