Anti-fascists organise against neo-Nazi violence in North London

25 06 2014


Join the demonstration – 3pm, Sat 28th June, Markfield Park, off Crowland Road, South Tottenham.

On Saturday a group of Polish neo-Nazis from the group Zjednoczeni Emigranci (ZE – United Immigrants) attacked the small ‘Music Day’ festival in Markfield Park in Tottenham, North London assaulting a Jewish man and stabbing another Polish man. This pre-planned and unprovoked attack on a family music festival was carried out by a group of about 40 fascists and involved throwing glass bottles, stones and flares. Several other people were injured.

The individual who was stabbed purely through luck suffered only superficial injuries. One member of ZE has been arrested for religiously aggravated common assault in connection with the assault against a Jewish man.

In response UAF swiftly called a vigil outside Tottenham Town Hall on Monday evening. A crowd of about 200 anti-fascists gathered and listened to speeches including from 43 Group veteran Monty Goldman.

After the end of the UAF rally, a group of around 100 led by the Polish anti-fascist group Dywizjon 161 marched up Tottenham High Road to Markfield Park and removed ZE graffiti and stickers throughout the area, replacing it with anti-fascist stickers and messages.


ZE have been gathering in the area of Markfield Park for some months, covering the area in their stickers and graffiti and holding large rallies of several hundred people in the park. Many local people, although aware of their presence were unaware of what sort of group they actually were.


Flyer distributed by Dywizjon 161 in Tottenham

Dywizjon 161 have called another demonstration for 3pm in Markfield Park this coming Saturday 28th. Anyone opposed to the presence of this group of violent racist hooligans in the area should make an effort to attend and show a united front against fascist violence. This call-out is being supported by London Anti-Fascists, London Black Revs and the AFN.


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