Anti-Fascists on the streets this Sat 19th – Cricklewood / Dartford / Hexthorpe

16 07 2014

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This Saturday is shaping up to be a busy day for anti-fascists with multiple separate call-outs.

Cricklewood – they shall not pass!


First up is the return of the EDL splinter group the South East Alliance to Cricklewood in North West London. They were seen off last month when they tried to march down the High Street. A united crowd of anti-fascists blocked the road and police were forced to turn their gang of racists and Hitler-fanciers around and march them back to wherever it is they come from.

Apparently they haven’t had enough and so they are trying again. This time a new community organisation has been launched to mobilise opposition to the fascists. North West London United is a coalition of community groups and trade unions including AFN members London Anti-Fascists, that has been doing sterling work talking to people in the area, leafletting in the streets and doing all the hard work of organising a large counter-mobilisation.

All anti-fascists who are able to should support this call and join with North West London United to stop the SEA marching in Cricklewood.

Meet outside 113 Cricklewood Broadway (between the Crown Hotel and the junction of Anson Road) from 12 noon.

Facebook event

North West London United: Facebook | Twitter


Dartford – Stop Britain First’s ‘national tour’!


Fascist new kids on the block Britain First have spent the last few days dragging their racist dog and pony show round the country on a ‘national tour’. It hasn’t been going so well for them as they have had venues cancelled, been opposed by anti-fascists and struggled to attract more than 20 people even with their goon squad of activists bussed in. Saturday evening sees them attempting to hold a public meeting in Dartford, Kent, on the edges of South London. Obviously worried they are not unpopular enough already, they have even been harassing local mosques in area. Monday saw them stage another publicity stunt ‘invasion’ of the North West Kent Muslim Association mosque in Crayford.

Meet 6.30pm Dartford Central Park (by war memorial), DA1 1EU

Make a day of it! Once we’ve finished with the SEA in Cricklewood, round off the day by telling Britain First where to go in Dartford.

Dartford is only 35 minutes from London Bridge.

Dartford Against Britain First: Web | Facebook | Twitter


Hexthorpe – no to racist scapegoating!


At the other end of the country in Hexthorpe, Doncaster, the more familiar face of thuggish racist nationalism that is the EDL are planning a demo against Roma immigrants in the area that appears to have been largely inspired by stories in the Mail and Express. Post-Tommy, the EDL are showing their true racist colours more and more – the old mantra that they only oppose militant Islam has been long forgotten as they move into the more traditional territory of the BNP and the NF – holding demos against immigrants, scapegoating them all equally as ‘criminals’ and ‘freeloaders’.

UAF have called a counter-demo. If you are in the area, join them to oppose the EDL’s divisive racist rhetoric.

Meet: 12 noon,  Hexthorpe Methodist Church, Urban Road, Hexthorpe, Doncaster, DN4 0EP



If you still have any energy left by the evening and fancy a pint – Brighton Anti-Fascists are holding a benefit gig in Brighton’s Cowley Club!


See you on the streets!



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