**LATEST UPDATES** Oxford and London anti-fascist demonstrations this Saturday

3 04 2015


It’s a busy day this Saturday 4th April for anti-fascists as the EDL try to hold a national demo in Oxford while PEGIDA UK try and emulate their Islamophobic German idols in London.

Final details have now been confirmed for counter-mobilisations against both of these events.



The all-London anti-fascist bloc called by London Anti-Fascists, North London Anti-Fascists, South London Anti-Fascists and Dywizjon 161 is meeting at 4pm outside the National Gallery on the north side of Trafalgar Square.

Facebook event

PEGIDA are meeting at 5pm on Whitehall, outside Downing Street.

There is also a UAF counter-mobilisation, meeting on Whitehall opposite Downing Street at 4pm.



The last few months have seen the rise of the PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) movement in Germany, which has brought out tens of thousands of people into the streets to protest against the ‘Islamisation’ of Europe. It has also brought out thousands of people to oppose it. Its perceived success has led to groups of Islamophobes across the continent attempting to emulate the German movement.

Founder of German PEGIDA, Lutz Bachmann likes dressing up as Hitler

Founder of German PEGIDA, Lutz Bachmann, likes dressing up as Hitler

Generally PEGIDA has fared much less well off home turf. The UK franchise is no exception. Their first outing in Newcastle attracted 400 racists, mostly members of the NF and EDL, who were opposed by over 3000 Geordies telling them to get stuffed. Their second outing in Edinburgh was even more of a miserable failure as only 4 PEGIDA members showed for their own demo to be laughed at by a large counter-demo.

The support for PEGIDA UK has tended to come from the already existing far-right, such as the EDL and NF. It has failed to emulate the German movement’s ability to drag large numbers of ordinary people into its racist agenda. PEGIDA UK organisers have not made any great efforts to avoid their association with the far-right. A key PEGIDA UK organiser recently invited notorious neo-Nazi Eddie Stampton to the demo in London tomorrow.

PEGIDA UK leader Matt Pope is buddies with the leader of the BNP

It is important to have a large show of anti-fascist and anti-racist solidarity in London tomorrow to make sure PEGIDA UK is squashed before it has a chance to develop any traction.


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Anti-Fascist Network mobilisation meeting ready to move off at 12 sharp at Cornmarket.

Facebook event

The EDL will be meeting at 12.30 at the train station and will be marching to the police station on Abingdon Road.

There is a UAF mobilisation meeting at 12 at Bonn Square.



The EDL were going to be holding this demo in Brighton, until they thought better of it given the town’s reputation for chasing fascists out of town. So Oxford was chosen as the unwilling host of the drunken rabble.

The pretext for the altered demo is a sexual exploitation ‘grooming’ scandal in the town.

For some background on the issue read our full statement: “Support the Survivors. Oppose the EDL”.

The EDL have been making themselves unwelcome around Oxford in run up to their demo. They have little or no local support in Oxford so they have been travelling in to try and promote their demonstration and engaging in a little de rigueur violent racism while out and about. Last Saturday they harrassed smaller numbers of  UAF members doing a street stall. Members of the public rushed to the UAF stall in support against EDL. On Monday a young Asian woman was assaulted by the EDL who were looking for ‘Muslims’ in Oxford. Some Asian-run businesses were also threatened. Be aware. Be vigilant.

The far-right have little support in either London or Oxford and will be coming from outside of town. The last time the far-right came to Oxford they were outnumbered 4-1 and nearly got their flag nicked. Neither London or Oxford is home turf for the far-right. Let’s keep it that way.


It’s only an hour from Oxford to London – members of the EDL may be planning on attending the PEGIDA demonstration later in the day. Anti-fascists should consider doing likewise and making a double-whammy of a day.


After a hard day opposing the fascists, join us for an AFN benefit party at 8pm on Saturday evening at LARC in Whitechapel.


Slightly the other side of country, there is also an benefit for Bristol Anti-Fascists at the Chelsea Inn in Bristol.


See you on the streets!



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