New Year… Same Struggle!

3 01 2016

2016 is only a few days old and already it looks set to go off with a bang. Several far-right groups have already announced protests and the AFN is gearing up for a busy year.



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6 04 2015


The mobilisation against PEGIDA in London yesterday was a resounding success. Rather than the tens of thousands their German parent organisation has managed to bring out on to the streets, PEGIDA UK managed about 70, among whom were many very familiar faces from the extreme right, including some notorious neo-Nazis, destroying their claim not to be a far-right racist organisation.

There was a counter-demonstration by UAF which attracted over 300 people and an ‘all-London anti-fascist bloc’ co-ordinated by London Anti-Fascists, South London Anti-Fascists, North London Anti-Fascists and Dywizjon 161 comprised of 100+ people. PEGIDA ended up barricaded inside a pub, surrounded by anti-fascists and having to be rescued by the police.

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**LATEST UPDATES** Oxford and London anti-fascist demonstrations this Saturday

3 04 2015


It’s a busy day this Saturday 4th April for anti-fascists as the EDL try to hold a national demo in Oxford while PEGIDA UK try and emulate their Islamophobic German idols in London.

Final details have now been confirmed for counter-mobilisations against both of these events.

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No PEGIDA / All London anti-fascist bloc Sat April 4th

29 03 2015


This Saturday 4th April sees anti-fascist mobilisations in Oxford against the EDL and later in the day in London against PEGIDA. Try and support these extremely important mobilisations if you can. It may well be possible to do both in a day if you’re feeling ambitious!

From London Anti-Fascists

PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) is the name of an anti-Islamic, anti-left movement in Germany that rose dramatically to prominence after mobilising tens of thousands of white German citizens to their weekly demonstrations. Many of the German far-right participated and formed a large proportion of those that attended. What followed after the demonstrations were racist attacks of migrants and refugees. The story is all too familiar, when reactionaries take to the streets, minorities, non-whites, trade unions and “lefties” become the target of attacks. PEGIDA act as a lobby group aiming to mobilise and spread reactionary support that focuses the target towards a perceived Islamification of the west.

PEGIDA UK are trying to gain ground and mimic the rapid rise of this movement in the UK. Though overshadowed by groups like the EDL, PEGIDA UK is attempting to be a more softer, cuddlier form of xenophobic anti-Islamism but this is obviously just a tactical pretence to not repeat the “mistakes” of the EDL. At the first PEGIDA UK rally in Newcastle we saw many of the usual faces from the BNP, NF and other assorted Neo-nazis. We, anti-fascists and anti-racists in London, need to ensure that this movement is dismantled before it can gain any sort of traction.

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Pegida UK: Nazis, Islamophobes and Anti-Semites.

18 02 2015

Brighton Anti-fascists

Anyone who’s been keeping an eye on the growth of the far-right in Europe over the last year can’t help but have noticed “Pegida” (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamification of Europe), a German group who have been marching every week for several months, drawing many thousand supporters in their home city of Dresden.

"Pegida" marching in Dresden last month. “Pegida” marching in Dresden last month.

Attempts to take the Pegida format beyond Dresden have been somewhat underwhelming. Low numbers and large antifascist counter-protests have dogged their demonstrations in cities like Cologne, Hannover and Berlin. With the creation of Pegida groups outside of Germany, this pattern of failure has only continued, with their attempt at marching in Malmö, Sweden, hilariously outnumbered.

Around 30 Pigeda clowns outnumbered by around 3000 antifascists in Malmö, Sweden. 30 Pigeda clowns outnumbered by around 3000 antifascists in Malmö, Sweden.

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