An anti-fascist spring in the Midlands!

14 04 2015


There’s a number of important anti-fascist call-outs to support over the next few weeks. Midland Anti-Fascists seem to have unfortunately ended up with the lion’s share of horrible far-right racists descending on their towns and cities in April and May.

Saturday 18th April Counter the racist Islamophobic EDL in Solihull

Saturday May 2nd Resist the West Midlands Infidels in Coventry

Saturday May 9th Oppose Britain First in Dudley

This Saturday 18th there is a Midlands Anti-Fascists mobilisation against the EDL in Solihull. The EDL are protesting against… wait for it.. a cemetery. Of course it’s a Muslim cemetery. This only goes to show how far the EDL have come from their supposed original agenda of only opposing Islamic ‘extremism’. Apparently Muslims aren’t even safe from being considered a ‘fifth column’ (© N. Farage) when they’re dead.

Midlands Anti-Fascists say:

“The EDL purport to be anti-racist and not Islamophobic, existing only to counter the threat of ‘Islamic extremism’. However time and time again they have exhibited their racist tendencies and have rampaged through city centres on demonstrations, attacking local Asian and Muslim-owned businesses and people of colour. They have vandalised mosques and been charged with arson attempts.

Now they are again exposing the reality of their organization in Solihull, denying Muslim people a space of mourning and burial for those who share their own faith simply on the basis of that faith, despite this right being afforded to Christian people in churches across the country. This is not a damaging nor offensive proposal, but rather providing Muslim people with a space to safely and openly honour their lost friends and families, and to comfort one another in a time of great sorrow. The disdain and malice with which the EDL is treating this proposal is testament to the nature of their Islamophobic organization.

The EDL have been active recently in the Solihull area, and we cannot allow them to continue menacing this community, to exploit this as another opportunity to stoke division, fear and hatred. We must challenge them, in unity with and celebration of our diverse communities, and in defence of our Muslim comrades’ right to this space.”

Attacks on mosque

As is often the case, Islamophobic attacks take place around the dates of an EDL demo. A community centre that it was reported was being used as a mosque in Solihull had its windows smashed and then a bag of pigs heads dumped on the doorstep yesterday.

Midlands Anti-Fascists say: “It’s exactly because of abhorrent incidents like these that we need to come out in force on Saturday. We cannot permit the EDL and their virulent views and actions to gain traction and prominence in this community – we must root out this threat whilst it’s still in it’s nascent stages. No pasaran! – let’s not give them an inch, not now and definitely not on Saturday.”

Midlands Anti-Fascists have been out leafletting, posturing and talking to local people in Solihull, mobilising to oppose the EDL on Saturday and it’s clear that local people are not keen on the EDL marching through the town.


Support anti-fascists!

Chuck Midlands Anti-Fascists some cash – the far-right are not giving them a moment’s rest right now with three far-right demos in as many weeks on their doorstep. They are having a fundraising drive right now and need the money for posters, leaflets, banners, stickers, merchandise, transport, room booking fees for community meetings, and other resources for direct action.

However, even more important than this – get on the streets and show your support by getting to Solihull, Dudley or Coventry and tell the far-right where to go!

Midlands Anti-Fascists: Facebook | Twitter | Email:





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