Bashing’s back: Do something about it.

11 06 2018
By Berkshire Antifascists

It’s a really tense time for Muslims. In June last year, during Taraveh prayers (part of Ramadhan), there was a fatal attack against Muslims praying at Finsbury Park mosque. This weekend in Leeds, a mosque and Gurdwara were subject to an arson attack after a Free Tommy march. The incidents are too many to name, but the fear in the community is real. While Muslims look at the final stretch before Eid, we need to be actively supporting them and confronting a fascism that bought up to 10,000 people out in London this Saturday gone.

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No Platform for the far-right: An open letter to the organisers of ‘Does Islam clash with British values?’

8 06 2015

Golding, Waters and Yaxley-Lennon

This letter is in response to an organisation called the Islamic Research and Education Academy, which has organised a discussion on Friday 12th June under the title ‘Does Islam clash with British values?’ So far, so normal. However, as part of this debate they have chosen to invite Paul Golding, leader of Britain First, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA ‘Tommy Robinson’, ex-leader of the EDL) and Anne Marie Waters of UKIP, ‘Sharia Watch’ and founder with Yaxley-Lennon of the Islamophobic ‘Victims of Islamic Cultural Extremism’.

We believe this invitation extended to some of the most well-known names in the Islamophobic far-right is dangerous and that at best the organisers could be accused of naivety. It is also not clear that any of the speakers from the ‘Islam’ side of the debate represent a significant number of British Muslims.

Fascists and racists on the extreme right thrive on respectability. For this reason there is a long tradition of not giving them a platform to spread their views.

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An anti-fascist spring in the Midlands!

14 04 2015


There’s a number of important anti-fascist call-outs to support over the next few weeks. Midland Anti-Fascists seem to have unfortunately ended up with the lion’s share of horrible far-right racists descending on their towns and cities in April and May.

Saturday 18th April Counter the racist Islamophobic EDL in Solihull

Saturday May 2nd Resist the West Midlands Infidels in Coventry

Saturday May 9th Oppose Britain First in Dudley

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Anti-Islamophobia Conference Update

12 12 2014

There has been some highly suspicious goings-on at Birkbeck University, original venue for the Islamic Human Rights Commission’s conference on Institutional Islamophobia. After a small scale threat by far-right groups Casuals United and Britain First, Birkbeck College have decided not to host the event, necessitating a last minute change of venue. Officials from Birkbeck have cited their inability to organise security for the event, a claim which does not stand up to scrutiny when you consider that in the past, the University of London have hosted some very controversial events, that have led to large protests. In 2011, they hosted Ian Blair, ex-Met Police commissioner. This led to large and rowdy student protests but the talk went ahead. As recently as May this year, they hosted David Willetts, universities minister. The university somehow found enough security to host that talk, despite further rowdy protests. This time, however, it appears the threat of a dozen or so far right misfits has the entire university security apparatus, which has in the past dealt with occupations and demonstrations of several thousand people, utterly stumped.

Apparently, UoL Security can deal with this...

Apparently, UoL Security can deal with this…

...But not with this.

…But not with this.

Things took a slightly more sinister turn when IHRC staff, on a routine visit to the site, were dragged into a impromptu meeting with University Officials and, scarily, a local Council PREVENT officer, who seemed more concerned about the event’s participants and the planned anti-fascist counter protest than the actual, minimal, far-right threat. PREVENT is a counter-terrorism initiative designed to combat extremism, and has repeatedly and disproportionately targeted Muslim communities. This is extremely suspicious, considering the conference was organised in part to criticize PREVENT, and it’s parent project, CONTEST, as inherently Islamophobic. It seems likely that PREVENT had a hand in getting the conference venue pulled, and if that is true, then a conference on institutional Islamophobia has itself become the victim of institutional Islamophobia. The full text of the IHRC press release can be found here. A small note to those planning to attend the conference: it has NOT been cancelled. A new venue has been arranged and emails are being sent out confirming that. Antifascists will still be out on the day, just in case. Contact London Antifascists if you’re interested in being involved.

Fascists off campus! This Saturday – oppose fascist intimidation of Islamophobia conference

10 12 2014


Meet SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG [Russell Square / Goodge Street / Euston Square tube],  1.30pm

This Saturday the 13th of December there will be a conference on Islamophobia organised by the Islamic Human Rights Commission held at Birkbeck, University of London.

Supporters of extreme-right groups such as Casuals United and Britain First have been saying they will ‘counter’ the conference. Anti-fascists from SOAS Anarchist Student Society, supported by the Students’ Union, are organising a counter-demonstration against this racist provocation.

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Boro community rejects the racist EDL

1 07 2014


This Saturday saw the people of Teesside take to the streets to oppose a national EDL demo in Middlesbrough.

Our previous posts have covered in detail the supposed rationale behind the EDL demo (‘grooming’ appears to have overtaken terrorism as their current favourite thing to blame all Muslims for). Sterling work was put in by North East Anti-Fascists and Teesside Solidarity Movement to create a broad-based local opposition to the fascists.

On the day about 200 anti-fascists gathered. There had been a call out to dress in red and to bring red banners and flags to go with the organising theme ‘We are Boro’. Red being the colour of Middlesbrough FC and the traditional colour of workers’ solidarity.

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Stand together against the EDL in Middlesbrough this Saturday!

27 06 2014


Assemble 11am, Ayresome Gdns, Linthrope Rd, Middlesbrough

The EDL have called a national demonstration in Middlesbrough for this Saturday 28th June. Teesside Solidarity Movement and North East Anti-Fascists have been working together with other local anti-fascists including Unite and Unison in a broad coalition to organise a response.

Last year in the immediate aftermath of the Lee Rigby killing the EDL got 2000 at their national demo in Newcastle. Middlesbrough won’t see numbers anything like that – the EDL have splintered and shrunk massively since last year, with continuous pressure from anti-racists and anti-fascists as well as the defection of the leadership, huge internal arguments and entire ‘divisions’ leaving en masse, unhappy with the new leadership.

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