They shall not pass! Stop the White Man March in Liverpool

5 06 2015

Stop the White Man March

Facebook event

On Saturday 15th August, neo-Nazis will attempt to march through Liverpool. The so-called “White Man March” – this time on its second outing – is organised primarily by members of neo-Nazi youth group National Action. It is supported by neo-Nazi groups from across Europe.

In March this year, the first “White Man March” took place in Newcastle. Around 100 neo-Nazis marched through the city before burning gay, communist and Israeli flags, screaming “Hitler was right” and sieg-heiling at counter-protestors. Although small compared to other far right protests, this was the largest and most explicit neo-Nazi march to take place in the UK since the eighties.

These events have been organised by people from an alliance of neo-Nazi groups. In Newcastle National Action were joined on the streets by the British Movement, Creativity Alliance, Misanthropic Division and National Rebirth of Poland. We expect the EDL splinter group North West Infidels to join this march. They have been responsible for attacks on picket lines, anti-fascists and Irish republican marches in Liverpool.

National Action members openly praise Hitler, trade anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and talk about their genocidal fantasies. Liverpool resident and National Action member Garron Helm was jailed for sending anti-Semitic abuse to MP Luciana Berger.

While some far-right groups have tried to moderate their public face, National Action revel in their blatant Nazism. These groups are growing as other parts of the far right collapse. Although they are nearly all tiny by themselves, the numbers they can bring out for the “White Man March” are worrying.

Liverpool, as a city with a proud left-wing tradition, has been chosen to demonstrate the “strength” of the neo-Nazi movement. We expect to see more than the 100 they brought to Newcastle and if we want to stop their growth they must be opposed. In 2013 we saw 5000 people march against fascist Nick Griffin and we need to draw on the city’s anti-fascist roots when the “White Man March” comes to town.

History has shown that Nazis need to be confronted head on, so they don’t have the space to spread their racist bile and grow in size and confidence. Given the chance, they will attack workers’ organisations, ethnic minorities, LGBT people and anyone else they perceive as their enemy. We are calling on anti-fascists across the North West to stand with the people of Liverpool in opposing these Nazi thugs.

They shall not pass!



10 responses

5 06 2015
paul sillett

Hi all, UAF locally have also called a counter in Liverpool, which is getting good local support, cheers

22 06 2015
Aleksandar Veljic

Greetings friends,

The newest interview of anti-fascist nature in English:

6 08 2015
Stop the White Man March: Leeds Coach | Leeds Anti-fascist Network

[…] For more information on the anti fascist mobilisation against the White Man March, see […]

8 08 2015

The Liverpool UAF demo which Paul Sillett refers to has in fact been called by a coalition of trade union branches, anti-fascist groups, political organisations and ad hoc groups such as Liverpool Against the Cuts. We fully expect the
turn out to be massive and, if it dwarfs Newcastle, I for one will be delighted.

There will of course be no need for us to descend to their level. But by sheer weight of numbers, we will show these creeps that they are not welcome in Liverpool or Newcastle or anywhere else on the planet. And that will have been a good day’s work well done.

No Pasaran.

15 08 2015

Thank you for showing opposition. From a dismayed Liverpool woman.

16 08 2015
paul sillett

Was a very good day of course, credit to all anti fascists; small point, ‘Marmite’, the iverpool Uaf demo was called by L’POOL uaf, with of course, various groups involved. All played an active role, as the Uaf Unity statement show.

10 08 2015
Clare Storey

If you are planning a counter demonstration what time and where will it start?

13 08 2015

11am, St Luke’s Church Gardens, central Liverpool, this Saturday.

11 08 2015
Nazis In Liverpool To Be Opposed By Antifascists! | Louder Than War

[…] will be attempting to march in Liverpool on August the 15th, but not unopposed say the Antifascist Network. Join them in putting a sharp stop to white supremacist […]

16 08 2015

What a great job you guys did yesterday! I am impressed, and very happy you stopped the march from happening!

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