Anti-EDL confrontation in Colchester

22 05 2015


Today saw anti-fascists in Colchester getting an early start as they met at the war memorial to oppose the EDL at 10am. Approximately 50 anti-fascists turned out on a weekday morning, which is not bad going and significantly outnumbered the EDL for the 3rd year in a row.

The EDL were supposedly commemorating the anniversary of the death of Lee Rigby by laying a wreath at the war memorial and yet again still couldn’t stop themselves pulling sieg heil Nazi salutes while standing on a war memorial. Classy!

EDL member Lee Coplen shows his ‘respect’

Anti-fascists blocked the way of the EDL for over 2 hours, occupying the war memorial with messages of anti-racist solidarity, before finally being threatened with arrest and then physically removed by Plod, including a woman in a wheelchair who refused to move for the EDL.


It took 50 cops to remove the anti-fascists and make the way clear, after which the EDL only stuck around for 5 minutes before they scuttled off.

This is the third year the EDL have held this event in Colchester. In 2013 the EDL spent 3 hours chanting and doing Nazi salutes at the war memorial. One of them – Kevin Reed – ended up getting locked up for making Nazi salutes and using racist language.


Nazi salutes at the war memorial in 2013


Kevin Reed enjoying his last hours of freedom

2014 saw Essex Anti-Fascists mobilise and outnumber the EDL 3-1 and instead of 3 hours, their demo barely lasted 3 minutes. After this humiliation, they threatened to come back and wreak furious vengeance against the people of Colchester, saying “it’s time to let the dogs loose” against “the fascists of the left”. However, they bottled it and never showed up.


They talk tough… The demo that never was.

Good work today by Essex Anti-Fascists.

If you live in Essex and like what they do, get in touch:

Essex Anti-Fascists: Web | Facebook | Twitter


Want more?

You don’t have to wait long for more anti-fascist action. Tomorrow sees London Anti-Fascists and comrades opposing a proper loony fringe Nazi event, as Hitler-lickers gather at the US embassy to celebrate dead Nazi terrorist David Lane. Get yourself there if you can.

No tolerance for intolerance. No platform for fascists.



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