Oppose Britain First in Luton this Saturday

25 06 2015


Join anti-fascists at Luton train station at 12 noon: Facebook event

This Saturday 27th, fascist BNP splinter group ‘Britain First’ are planning on marching through Luton, which apparently they think is a “mini-caliphate”. They aim to harass and intimidate the Muslim population of Luton and to whip up racial tensions in the town.

Luton UAF and the newly-formed Luton Anti-Fascists have both called counter-demonstrations. Members of the Anti-Fascist Network will also be attending. Join us on Saturday!

Right-wing hate preachers off our streets!

Britain First are trying to fill the void left by the decline of the EDL and stake their claim as Britain’s premier army of right-wing street thugs. By marching in Luton they are really rocking up in Tommy Robinson’s back yard, the birthplace of the EDL, and attempting to hoover up their remnants.

However, Britain First are a little different to the EDL. In many ways they look a lot more like a classic fascist organisation. They have a ‘charismatic’ leader, they parade in uniforms, they organise as a political party and run candidates in elections, they have a newspaper they attempt to distribute, they have a membership process and some internal discipline by which they attempt to differentiate themselves from the EDL by being less of a bunch of drunken fuckwits.

Laughably, Britain First are promoting their demo as aimed against ‘hate preachers’. Coming from a bunch of professional religious loons who promote a ‘warrior Christ’ ideology and appear to think the world is headed for an apocalyptic showdown between Christianity and Islam this is a bit rich. They get off on ‘invading’ mosques, harassing random Muslims and travel around the country shouting at people in the streets about how much they hate Muslims and then call a demo against ‘hate preachers’. The irony meter is broken.


There’s never a bad time to give this an airing again!

Community has no confidence in the police

On Tuesday night there was a community meeting in the Bury Park area of Luton with about 150 people. At the meeting, local people made it clear that they had no confidence in the police to stop Britain First’s racist and Islamophobic demonstration. One person present reported: “The very clear message from all communities present was that we have all had enough of racists and fascists marches being facilitated by police. There was a very clear majority in favour of supporting the counter demonstration.” Luton Anti-Fascists reported: “The public showed a lot of support for … the more direct stance upheld by Luton Anti-Fascists. Through grassroots organizing and action, we are putting the council, police and community leaders under increasing pressure to not facilitate fascist activity by letting it go unopposed. We are calling on all antifascists to take to the streets on Saturday and show these Nazi thugs that they are not welcome in Luton!”

Fascists suffer “fascist tyranny” shocker!

In an entertaining last minute development Mr Plod has decided he’d rather not fork out £750,000 to facilitate fascists intimidating the population of the town yet again. Bedfordshire Police have taken Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen to the High Court attempting to get an injunction under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime & Disorder Act 2014 banning the dreadful duo from Luton, which left Führer Golding amusingly complaining of “fascist tyranny” – I thought that was the point Paul?

Why ever would anyone think these devout Christians might engage in anti-social behaviour in Luton? Oh yeah – Last June Paul Golding and other members were filmed storming into Luton Central Mosque and Bury Park Mosque harassing and intimidating worshippers. Three weeks ago Golding and Fransen made an unannounced visit to the Bury Park area of Luton shouting at random people on the streets “This is our country, why don’t you go back to your own country?” and “Go back to the desert”. That’s why.

The hearing is on Friday. If the High Court hearing goes against them, will they have a demo minus the glorious leaders? Or will they cancel? Keeping checking our twitter feed for the latest updates.

Either way – if the fascists try and march, anti-fascists will be there to oppose them. Luton Anti-Fascists say: “Regardless of the decision, Luton Anti-Fascists will be resisting the fascists on Saturday. It’s on the streets, in our communities and workplaces that we will defeat them. No Pasaran !”







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