Anti-fascist action dates for the summer

17 06 2015


The Anti-Fascist Network is announcing two national call-out dates for the summer, which are:

On July 4th groups from the north will concentrate on opposing the EDL national demo in Sheffield, while groups from the south will support Jewdas’ demonstration against neo-Nazis in Golders Green in North London.

On August 15th we are making a national call-out for everyone to support the mobilisation against the neo-Nazi ‘White Man March’ in Liverpool.

We call on all those opposed to racism, Nazism and Fascism to join us in these actions.

Sheffield July 4th


The EDL surrounded on a previous visit to Sheffield

It’s a busy day on July 4th as multiple far-right demos take place simultaneously.

In Sheffield the EDL are returning for the first time in two years. This is another far-right demo seeking to exploit child grooming cases to ratchet up racial tension. They have nothing to say about child abuse perpetrated by white people, or the effects of cuts and austerity on child protection, but just seek to use the issue for (racist) political gain.

sheffield division nazis

Sheffield EDL immediately undermined by one of their own

They have previously been vigorously opposed in Sheffield and their last outing to the city was a shambles. Let’s make sure they have another bad day on July 4th!

Sheffield Facebook event

For more info on Sheffield opposition to the EDL check Sheffield AFN: Facebook | Twitter

UAF are also calling a counter-demonstration of some form.

Golders Green July 4th


The man believed to be organising the Golders Green fascist demo – Eddie Stampton

In North London, neo-Nazis are targetting Golders Green, an area with a large Jewish population, saying they are opposing ‘Jewification’. This sort of openly anti-Semitic action has been almost unheard of for decades and it is extremely worrying that the fascists now feel confident to parade their views in public. The groundwork has been laid by the rising tide of anti-immigrant xenophobia and Muslim-baiting and now we see where it leads.

The Anti-Fascist Network will be supporting the demonstration called by Jewdas – a left-wing Jewish group. Read their opinion piece on why it’s important to resist the fascists in Golders Green.

This fascist demonstration has received a lot of publicity and many different groups will be opposing it, including UAF.

Golders Green Facebook event

For latest news on Golders Green keep your eyes on Jewdas: Facebook| Twitter

Liverpool Aug 15th

Another part of the small resurgence in openly Nazi groups is the ‘White Man March’ which is organised primarily by members of neo-Nazi youth group National Action. It is supported by neo-Nazi groups from across Europe.

In March this year, the first “White Man March” took place in Newcastle. Around 100 neo-Nazis marched through the city before burning gay, communist and Israeli flags, screaming “Hitler was right” and sieg-heiling at counter-protestors. The organisers are hoping to do the same again on a bigger scale, but we’ll be on the street to show them that they can’t whip up hatred against minorities with impunity.


Newcastle did not all go according to plan for the wannabe stormtoopers

Liverpool, as a city with a proud left-wing tradition, has been chosen to demonstrate the “strength” of the neo-Nazi movement. We expect to see more than the 100 they brought to Newcastle and if we want to stop their growth they must be opposed. In 2013 we saw 5000 people march against fascist Nick Griffin and we need to draw on the city’s anti-fascist roots when the “White Man March” comes to town.

They shall not pass!

A new anti-fascist group has emerged in Merseyside, partially it would seem in response to the White Man March. This is good news, but established anti-fascist groups from across the country will be also be travelling to Liverpool to join the people of Liverpool in stopping the Nazis marching. Join us!

Liverpool Facebook event

UAF counter-demo

Diaries out!

In addition there are a number of other anti-fascist mobilisations that have been announced over the summer. The full list looks like this:

June 27: Oppose Britain First marching in Luton. This is a UAF demo called to stand up to the BNP splinter group and serial mosque ‘invaders’ trying to antagonise Luton’s Muslim population.

July 4th: AFN national call-out for Golders Green/Sheffield and also North East Anti-Fascists have said they will be mobilising against the racist ‘Infidels’ in Stockton-on-Tees.


July 25th: ‘Unite against hatred’ demo against the EDL in Lincoln. Lincoln Against Racism and Fascism have called a demonstration to oppose an EDL march in the city.

August 15th: Stop the ‘White Man March’ in Liverpool

Obviously, more dates may emerge over time, but we would encourage all active anti-fascists to stick these dates in your diary and especially to start organising to be able to travel to Golders Green, Sheffield and Liverpool.

For updated details of all of these mobilisations and any transport running to them, keep watching this page or our twitter feed.



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