Racism against anyone increases racism against everyone

2 07 2015


Anti-Fascist Network statement on neo-Nazi demo Saturday 4th July 2015

Groups from the Anti-Fascist Network are joining with many others this Saturday to oppose neo-Nazis airing their anti-Semitic filth, with their talk of the ‘Jewification’ of Britain. We think it is vital to oppose fascism everywhere to stop hatred and oppression stifling the lives of all our communities.

Because of its virulent old-school Nazi politics this demonstration has received a lot of publicity. This is partly because it is so unusual. Although there has been a very worrying recent rise in anti-Semitic incidents in Britain, it is still almost unheard of for anti-Semites to attempt to organise openly and hold a public demonstration targetted at a large Jewish community in the area where they live.

Although this sort of openly neo-Nazi politics is rare and is recognised as utterly abhorrent, racism and far-right hate-mongering are unfortunately not at all rare in Britain in 2015.

Almost every week for the last 4 years, members of the Anti-Fascist Network have travelled and mobilised to oppose racists, fascists and the far-right marching in the streets. Some of the fascists we have opposed on those occasions will be the very same scum you see with their ‘White Pride’ flags on Saturday. Fascists always seek to blame minority groups when times are hard, picking on different communities over time.

The anti-Jewish protesters in Westminster are openly Nazi but a lot of the racist activity around the UK at the moment attempts to be a little more subtle. Groups like the English Defence League have learned to talk in more veiled terms most of the time. Their racism plays along with a mainstream media agenda.

The current small upsurge we are seeing in this country in the old-school neo-Nazi far-right goes to prove the point that racism against anyone increases racism against everyone. Once the toxic cancer of racism is allowed to grow through the medium of ‘acceptable’ Islamophobia and anti-immigrant xenophobia, it can only spread in all directions.

For this reason we call on everyone who is opposed to the Nazi demonstration on Saturday to join the growing anti-racist and anti-fascist movement and take a stand against anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, fascism, racism and oppression in all its forms.

We oppose fascism wherever it rears its ugly head and hope you’ll stand together with us and many others the next time the far-right try to march.


The Anti-Fascist Network is a network of independent and grassroots groups working together against the rise of racism and fascism in our communities.



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