Update on anti-fascist mobilisations this Saturday

1 07 2015


UPDATED Thu 23.30

This Saturday 4th the AFN will be mobilising in different locations across the country to oppose multiple far-right threats. Join us on the streets to show the fascists how isolated they are!

The situation with some of these fascist demonstrations has changed since our last post.

  • Westminster: Oppose the Nazis – meet at 12.30 – junction of Richmond Terrace and Whitehall: Facebook event
  • Sheffield: Stop the EDL march – meet at 13.00 – Hallam Square: Facebook event
  • Stockton-on-Tees: Unite against Islamophobia & oppose the North East Infidels – meet 12.30 at Old Town Hall: Facebook event

For continuing updates on the situation with all these mobilisation keep checking our twitter feed.


London: Anti-Semites having a hard time

The organisers of the offensive ‘anti-Jewification’ demonstration planned for Golders Green in North London have been struggling against a massive amount of sustained opposition to their repulsive politics. Serial internet hoaxer and fascist bedroom fantasist Joshua Bonehill-Paine was arrested and then remanded by the cops for promoting the event with incredibly offensive internet posts featuring jocular references to Hitler, gas chambers and images of Auschwitz.

The widespread opposition to the Nazi demonstration from all sides and the threat of large counter-mobilisations resulted in the police telling the fascists that Golders Green was not an option and relocating them to just opposite Downing Street.

The anti-Semitic demonstration will now be a static assembly from 1-2pm at Richmond Terrace, Whitehall SW1.

Following the relocation of the fascists, most of the mainstream Jewish organisations that were going to counter-demonstrate have declared victory and called off their counter-demonstrations. The relocation of the fascists is definitely a victory and will no doubt make the Jewish community of Golders Green feel safer going about their business on the sabbath. However, anti-Semites are still having a public demonstration in central London and they should not go unopposed.

If the Nazis had planned their anti-Jewish demo at Downing St all along we all would have been outraged at such a thing, so let’s not stop being outraged just because it moved.

Jewdas have announced they will be opposing the fascists at Whitehall, calling for the ‘Jewification of Downing St’ and AFN will be supporting them. Due to the cancellation of other counter-demos we can expect less opposition to the Nazis – all the more reason to tell everyone you can and get as many people out as possible!

The Jewdas counter-demo is meeting at 12.30 at the junction of Richmond Terrace and Whitehall: Facebook event

Jewdas: web | FB | twitter

Support Jewdas – chuck them some cash!

sheff image

Sheffield: Violent, racist EDL will be opposed

Meanwhile in the North, the EDL have called a national demonstration in Sheffield, yet again hanging it on the hook of child sexual exploitation.

And for anyone who might for a moment be fooled that the EDL gave a shit about the victims of child abuse here’s Matthew Noden, the leader of the “not racist, not violent” Yorkshire EDL explaining his real motivations, enthusiastically supported by plenty of Yorkshire EDL’s friends:


But it’s alright because Yorkshire EDL aren’t racist AT ALL:

sheffield division nazis

For more on Yorkshire EDL’s violent racist leadership see the EDLNews report.

Sheffield AFN say:

The English Defence League are planning on coming to Sheffield on 4th July and we’ll be on the streets to show them they’re not welcome.

Whenever the EDL are in town their members intimidate and racially abuse locals, and we find their exploitation of the serious issue of child abuse to whip up racial hatred especially egregious. They have nothing to say about child abuse perpetrated by white people, or the effects of cuts and austerity on child protection, but just seek to use the issue for political gain.

We will not succumb to bigoted, dangerous and hateful hijacking of the experience of survivors of abuse, and we will not let nationalism and racism divide our class.”

The EDL have announced their route – meeting at Tudor Square S1 2LA at pubs The Old Monk and The Graduate from 10.30, assembling 1.00 to set off at 1.30, marching to South St Park.

UAF have called a counter-demonstration at the Top of Fargate, near Sheffield Town Hall from 11.30

Sheffield AFN have called a counter-demo at 13.00 meeting at Hallam Square: Facebook event

Sheffield AFN: web | FB | twitter

Check their  ‘Guide to the far-right in Sheffield

and if you can then chuck them some cash to support their mobilisation!


Stockton-on-Tees: Stand up to the Infidels

If you thought you couldn’t get much more racist than the EDL, in Stockton-on-Tees, the horrible fascists of the North East Infidels are having a demo. Here’s their leader being admirably to the point:


The Infidels are meeting at the square car park TS18 1TE and meeting at the Green Dragon pub off Stockton High St with the march starting at 2pm

Apparently the landlord of the Green Dragon is a “personal friend” of the fascists:


Teeside Solidarity Movement and North East Anti-Fascists are mobilising against the Infidels and have called a counter-demo at 12.30 meeting at the Old Town Hall with unions and community groups joining them: Facebook event

Teesside Solidarity Movement: FB | twitter



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