International Anti-Fascist Prisoner Solidarity Day activities

28 07 2015

This Saturday 25th was International day of solidarity with anti-fascist prisoners. The Anti-Fascist Network supported this event which was marked across the world in different ways.

Anti-Fascists in North West England met in Manchester to hold a commemoration of murdered and imprisoned comrades.

Bristol Anti-Fascists held a fundraising event with letter writing to prisoners, “bash the fash” pinata, raffle, cakes, cider and dinner.

Other anti-fascist groups are pictured marking the event below:

Dywizjon 161 and others at the Cable St mural in London

Dywizjon 161 and others at the Cable St mural in London

Welsh Valleys Anti-Fascists

Welsh Valleys Anti-Fascists


Berkshire Anti-Fascists

Berkshire Anti-Fascists

Spreading the word!

Spreading the word!

Postcards to Prisoners

p2pThis week , Rose City Antifa are encouraging supporters to write to an anti-fascist prisoner, take a picture of the postcard and send it to them with the hashtag #PostcardsToPrisoners so they can compile them all together. They already have an impressive collection!

Full details here.

Remember imprisoned anti-fascists

They are in there for us. We are out here for them!



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