Successful mobilisations in Lincoln and Wakefield

28 07 2015


The dual mobilisations against fascists in Wakefield and Lincoln on Saturday both saw a good turn out. 100 local anti-racists stood up against 120 EDL in Lincoln according to the local paper.


Good work from Lincoln Against Racism and Fascism, who had to endure some unwelcome attention from the far-right. The EDL turned up to their public meeting a couple of days before the demo threatening “We’re bringing 500 on Saturday and we’re going to batter you.”

Some of them did indeed show up at the anti-racist rally on Saturday. However, there weren’t 500 of them, they didn’t batter anyone and they failed in their attempt to intimidate people.



We Are Wakefield reckon “approximately 70” NF racists showed up in Wakefield. Hardly the “forest of flags” they promised but still 70 Nazis too many for us. Over the course of the day We Are Wakefield reckon they got 300 people to the anti-NF rally.

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 21.16.28

Well done to all who took to the streets on Saturday!



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