Final Update on the #StopWMM Mobilisation

13 08 2015

The AFN has released the final details for the upcoming #StopWMM mobilisation. Meet up at 11am sharp at St Luke’s Church Gardens in central Liverpool.


Bring placards, banners and anything that makes a loud noise. A mask to cover your face is also advisable. Be ready to move quickly on the day, but stay together as a block no matter what!

For more updates, and on-the-day up-to-date info, follow @StopWmm on twitter.

meetpointSee you on the streets! No Pasaran!



2 responses

13 08 2015

Why advise people to wear masks? This simply makes the antifa demo look less legitimate in the eyes of the majority. The majority are the ones whose minds you want to sway with the demo. The antifa demo should look rational, compassionate, legitimate and unashamed, while the white man march will look like a bunch of angry thugs. Mission accomplished.

If all the antifas are working masks, that message is undermined. Think how your grandma would react if she walked past – she’d be scared of the masked loonies. You want all the grandmas to be on our side.

I understand it feels really cool to wear a mask, but come on.

16 08 2015

Wearing a mask is not about “looking cool”. It is a personal choice that some people exercise to protect themselves from fascists attempting to identify anti-fascists (ever heard of Red Watch?) and from the intrusive surveillance of the police (who regularly regard protesters as “domestic extremists” and stockpile large amounts of data on those who attend protests).

The fact that some anti-fascists chose to wear masks yesterday did not seem to put off the several hundred Liverpudlians who joined our demonstration and protests against the White Man March. It is your judgement that wearing a mask is somehow incompatible with being “rational, compassionate, legitimate and unashamed” – not everyone feels the same as you. In my experience some people do find it odd that people mask up and often ask why it is that people are masked. When you explain the reasons almost everyone (grannies included) understands and accepts it.

The challenge is to make masking up on demonstrations normal and not weird-seeming. On that front, check out:

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