Fascists try to attack migrant solidarity demo in Folkestone

3 08 2015

Britain First’s Steve Lewis meets the long arm of the law…

Prompted by the death of a 13 year old boy in the Channel Tunnel. Folkestone United called a demo in solidarity with the Calais migrants on Saturday calling for “no more tunnel deaths”.

Fascists from Britain First and the EDL both decided to turn up to oppose it. That’s right – they were opposing people who thought children dying in the Channel Tunnel was a bad thing. Because they only oppose militant Islam remember?

Britain First members tried (and failed) to physically attack the Folkestone United demonstration.

Unfortunately this sort of fascist intimidation and attack is something we increasingly have to look out for and expect, especially with regards to any activism around the issues of asylum and immigration.

The on-going crisis in Calais will quite possibly throw up more excuses for fascists to stick their oar in, though they will be struggling to say anything more racist than the Prime Minister or the Daily Mail.

One we know about is the 12th September, when the NF and the EDL rejects the South East Alliance will be holding a “secure out borders” demo in Dover. We will be opposing it. Look out for more info nearer the time.





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