It’s That Time of the Year Again…

8 11 2015

It’s getting towards the end of the year, and fascist activity is beginning to round up (they don’t seem to like the cold). It looks like the final AFN callout of the year will be in Bradford on the 14th November, against the EDL. Check out that callout here. It’s been a busy autumn though, with antifascist demonstrations across the country over the last few weeks.

Graffiti Spotted in Brighton.

Graffiti Spotted in Brighton Recently.

EDL mobilisations in Colchester, Aylesbury and Scarborough have been marked by low numbers and even lower morale. Antifascists have been putting up effective opposition where ever they raise their heads. In Colchester in September, Essex Antifascists made sure the EDL didn’t have it their own way, and a few weeks later, Oxford and Berkshire Antifascists gave them a similar bad time in Aylesbury.

Antifascists in Colchester

Antifascists in Colchester.

The weekend after that, some antifascists went to Burton to counter Britain First, some went to Bristol and had a good day fucking up the “Bristol United Patriots” plans, and others went to Dover to attend a refugee and migrant solidarity demo called by the Kent Anti-Racism Network. Full reportback of that busy day here.

Antifascists in Burton.

Antifascists in Burton.

Antifascists on the Move in Bristol.

Antifascists on the Move in Bristol.

AFN Bloc at the Port of Dover.

AFN Bloc at the Port of Dover.

So, with that all out of the way, the next callout is against the EDL in Bradford on the 14th November. Bradford is a city with a proud history of fighting the EDL, they’ve never had a good time there. With the EDL on the ropes, is this our chance to deliver a knockout punch?

BStopEDLAnd after that, it’s all eyes back on Dover, as the South East Alliance and National Front have called another fascist protest there on January 30th. Kent Anti Racism Network have already issued a callout to counter them here. See you on the streets comrades!



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