New Year… Same Struggle!

3 01 2016

2016 is only a few days old and already it looks set to go off with a bang. Several far-right groups have already announced protests and the AFN is gearing up for a busy year.



The first of two important antifascist demos already announced is in Dover on 30th January. The South East Alliance, alongside a gaggle of other right wing groups including Kent National Front, the North West Infidels, English Volunteer Force and the Pie & Mash Squad will be holding their fourth (by our count!) anti-immigration march through the seaside town of Dover.

Far-right snaggle-tooth and “unity” leader of the South East Alliance, Paul Pitt (pictured below hitting his son in the face with a stick whilst trying to attack antifascists), has really been doing the rounds for this one, and many groups are pushing this demo as very important. Last time, in September, saw an unexpectedly large turnout from the fascists (200-250 or so), and this one is likely to be or a similar size or bigger. It’s therefore very important for as many antifascist activists to make it to the counter-protest as possible. For more info on what happened last time, see report backs here and here.


Paul Pitt, Leader of the South East Alliance.

Local residents, unsurprisingly fed up a this constant influx of racists and fascists, have formed the Kent Anti-Racism Network (KARN) and announced a counter demo (event here). The AFN are commited to supporting KARN, and we have our own FB event here.



Many AFN groups are planning to organise public coaches to Dover on the 30th. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter or here for updates about travel arrangements, meetup points and more. More info and analysis of why this demo is important on the London Antifascist blog here.


The weekend after Dover, on February 6th, everyone’s favorite egotist and wannabe “Counter-Jihad Celebrity” Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) has announced his “triumphant” return to far-right street protests, leading a PEGIDA UK march in Birmingham. Quite why he’s chosen PEGIDA as his vehicle for return is a mystery, as they haven’t exactly done well for themselves in the UK, being vastly outnumbered in Newcastle on their first outing, and then only pulling 50-60 in London a few weeks later. And that’s before we even mention ex-leader Tim Scott’s hilarious, cringe-worthy Channel 4 News interview.


AFN members Midlands Antifascists have issued a callout to oppose PEGIDA, and are asking for people to be in central Birmingham at midday. Keep an eye on their facebook page and the facebook event for more info.

See you on the streets!



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