Dover – Final Update

25 01 2016

There’s less than a week to go until our protest in Dover, and antifascists from across the country are finalising travel details, making sure we get maximum numbers on the streets to support Kent Anti-Racism Network and proudly say that while refugees are welcome here, racists and fascists aren’t!


London Antifascists still have a few coach spaces for Dover, so if you’re in the area and want to go, drop them a line on LDNANTIFASCISTS[at]RISEUP[dot]NET with the subject line “Coaches2Dover”. Many other groups have organised transport, including groups from Merseyside, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Oxford & Reading, Bristol, Brighton and Hastings. There may still be a few seats in some of those areas, so if you’re interested, look them up on Facebook or the list of affiliated groups in the sidebar.


On the day itself, we are asking people to be at Market Square in central Dover at 11am sharp. If you haven’t managed to book a place on an AFN coach, we are advising people not to use the trains, as there is engineering works on the day, and we believe this is the way many fascists will get into town. Try to find comrades with cars and liftshare, or, if you’re desperate, contact Kent ARN, who might be able to offer you accommodation Friday Night, so you can come down the day before.

We’ve also published a list of common sense Dos and Don’ts for the day. Give it a read, and share it with all your friends who are coming.


Solidarity, and see you all on the 30th comrades!



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