Blink and You’ll Miss It – Fascists in Pompey

7 05 2016

Today, the pathetic far-right fantasists of the Pie and Mash Squad (or “South Coast Resistance” as they’d rather be known these days) held their inaugural demo of the year in Portsmouth. Given that it’s their home turf (most of them live in or around Pompey), they were probably expecting quite a large turnout. That’s not exactly what happened…


The day started early when local antifascists got word that the fascists had been locked out of their meet-up pub (The ‘spoons on the corner of Guildhall) and had taken their rally point early with some tinnys instead. Around 20 nationalists had set up camp at the top of Guildhall steps and hung a banner and two flags, one saying “Leicester casuals”. What the fuck they were doing in Pomepy instead of celebrating is anybody’s guess…

Portsmouth Antifascists felt sure that there must be more fascists in the area, waiting to join their group, but as it turned out, no, that was all of them. They’d managed to gather somewhere around 25 people in what they think is “their” city. Add that to the mess of beer cans and bottles they’d strewn about them, and they made for a pathetic sight.

Fairly quickly, around 100-150 antifascists and angry passers-by  gathered to tell the fascists where they could stick it. Portsmouth Antifascists, local UAF and left wing activists heckled and laughed as the fascists tried (and failed) to string together a few coherent sentences. They even needed a police escort to go to the toilet.2 When their little piss-up/glorious and heroic defence of some stairs was finished, they gathered together to march off. Quelle surprise, they couln’t event do that right, falling over each other and scrapping with police in their haste to get off the steps.

3Before they were even out of the square, anti-racists and antifascists took the steps where they’d held their shambles and had a much larger and louder anti-racist rally, with speechs from local trade unionists, UAF and AFN supporters.


We’ll leave you with a before and after shot of the Guildhall steps, which should leave you in no doubt about whose city Pompey really is! And to the bonehead nazi who got so drunk he left his bomber jacket behind, don’t worry, it’s being looked after in it’s new home!




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