Brief reports and pics from the weekend

27 06 2017



All the EDL

The EDL had a pitiful turnout in London on Saturday, with a mere 50 of them on their national demo. They didn’t get to march to Parliament as they had intended and were harrassed and heckled by anti-fascists along the way.

EDL leader Ian Crossland had gloated and joked online about the murderous racist attack on worshippers at Finsbury Park mosque and the hate preachers at the EDL rally stayed true to form.


One declared that if the Islamist attacks continued: “I’ll be the first white suicide bomber in England”. EDL speaker John Banks from Doncaster called for an “eye for an eye” and said “We will burn their Mosques & attack their women”.


They are now a group that openly advocates for violent racist attacks and excuses them and laughs about them when they happen.

150-200 Anti-fascists from Movement for Justice, AFN, UAF and the Women’s March against the DUP opposed them.

Nazi Scum out of Brum

One Brummie makes their feelings clear

About 200 Britain First fascists marched in Birmingham on Saturday. Because apparently Birmingham, which is home to over a million people, is “the epicentre of radical Islam”. Or something. Their march was originally planned for earlier this month but was cancelled after Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen were arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred.

Britain First have been getting very pally with the Polish extreme right recently – visiting Poland and then inviting a pair of far-right speakers over for their Birmingham demo. All of the fascists’ overseas guests were stopped at airports and sent home again. Shame! Although no doubt they were impressed with Britain’s strong borders.


Polish nationalist hate preachers on their way to Britain and a  few hours later on their way back home again.

In a departure from their traditional Muslim-hating, the Polish fascists Britain First are now so friendly with are also viciously anti-Semitic. Those stopped from attending were – Jacek Międlar, 28, a disgraced anti-semitic priest – accused last year of calling Jews a “cancer”. Piotr Rybak – who was indicted for inciting hatred last year after burning an effigy of an orthodox Jew on an anti-Muslim demonstration. Edwin Wagensveld, who is head of the tiny Dutch PEGIDA outfit and likes dressing up in camouflage gear and hunting migrants.

Piotr Rybak burning an effigy of an orthodox Jew



Edwin Wagensveld hunting refugees in Bulgaria

Britain First were energetically opposed by local anti-fascists while they according to one witness,  “chanted Anti-Muslim shit + made throat-cut gestures at Muslims”.

Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen later had a go at the police for apparently letting the antifascists get too close to them!

Meanwhile Paul Golding was entertainingly pictured running away, avoiding a debate with Saffiyah Khan.




On Sunday the Scottish Defence League tried to have a demo in Edinburgh, bolstered as ever by English fascists of the North West Infidels. This comes only 4 days after a far-right racist was convicted for trying to firebomb Edinburgh central mosque.

The SDL have never been a large group and as normal they were easily outnumbered.


The masses of the SDL

Red Front Republic said:

“Over the last year, the SDL and other far-right groups in Scotland, have held various demonstrations throughout the country. They’ve been outnumbered at each and every one of these, but continue to pretend to themselves that these demos, that they organise are going to bring a change and push their agendas.

It’s the same toothless cretins who attend their demos, same shite different day and different place. They liaison with the police to make sure they’re protected by coppers, barriers and horses, then shout about how the lefties never stopped them marching. As for us, it’s always nice to take a trip to the capital and laugh at the failures of the SDL, and anyone else that attends.”



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