Weekend Action Diary

2 06 2016

There’s a lot going on this weekend for Antifascists. Here, we’ve rounded up the main demonstrations, and what’s going on.


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Portsmouth EDL demo – a little bit shit

20 08 2013


Saturday saw the much anticipated EDL march in Portsmouth. Organiser Mickey Bayliss was so desperate for travelling support he ended up pissing off the EDL leadership by inviting every nut job far right group going. With all this travelling support you wouldn’t blame them for expecting 400-500 to turn up. In the end the actual numbers were around 150. The good news is that from looking at the photos and doing the maths, they only managed to get about 50-60 locals out. Piss poor we’re sure you’ll agree!

The counter demo also got about 150 people, but was made up of about 90% local people and there was definitely more of an appetite to confront the scum than on previous occasions, with the crowd getting more vocal as we got close to the demo site.

The local EDL are blaming everyone but themselves for a shit day, most of it aimed at the local paper who reported what they saw.

All in all it seemed like a positive day for anti-fascists in Portsmouth – confidence seems to have grown, and street level agitation before the day had reached pretty unprecedented levels for our city as locals, pissed off with the prospect of an organised fascist march, voiced their anger with stickers and spray cans.

EDL/SDL also met resistance to their demonstrations in Edinburgh and Hull on Saturday.

Edinburgh agains the SDL

In Edinburgh 350 anti-fascists saw off about 130 SDL marchers  in what must be the least popular street entertainment of this year’s Edinburgh festival. A significant number of SDL were from such well-known Scottish locations as Sunderland and Blackburn.

In Hull the EDL appear to have got somewhere between 150-300 people on their march and were their usual charming selves, hospitalising a man for holding a banner promoting multiculturalism, and potentially being banned from holding any future protests in East Yorkshire.

Berwick Gears Up For A Second Wave Of Human Excrement.

9 02 2013

The Scottish Defence League will be protesting against their own deluded imaginations next Saturday (16th Feb) In  Berwick-upon-Tweed. (Berwick is in the borders, technically in England, but lets not sink to arguing over borders imposed from above eh?).

The last time they marched in Berwick it was a bit of a damp squib – here’s the local newspaper report: The Berwickshire News

This time they again look to be joined by North East branches of EDL and also the openly fascist northern groups of the ‘infidels’. The local UAF will be holding a counter demo in the city and an antifascist group called BIRA (Berwick Against Racist Idiots) is calling for antifascists from the North to show solidarity. Last time The SDL protested in Berwick almost all of their support was bussed in, so hopefully antifascist calls will be answered.

To end on a more positive note there’s nice little post here from Occupied London about a Greek neo-nazi police officer getting hospitalised, i’m sure we all wish wish him speedy recovery (or not): bloodied pig 

ACA Manchester have also set up a wordpress blog that can be found on our links section: ACA Manchester

Athens Calls Answered!!!!

21 01 2013



Saturday saw anti fascists across the world answer the call from Greece Antifa for a show of solidarity. So far reports of solidarity demo’s happening have been received in Greece from London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol, Cork, Dublin, Derry, Barcelona, Ossona, Manresa, La Garriga, Bilbao, Lyon, Brussells, Berlin, Copenhagen, Vienna, Tampere, Warsaw, Vilneous, Moscow, Chicago, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Sydney, Canberra, Buenos Aires, Oslo, Cologne, Nicosia, and Paris.

All in all a good day for anti fascism, especially in London where around 200-300 gathered in the cold outside the Greek embassy (Sorry to those reporting much higher numbers, but the AFN does not exaggerate or lie, this is a figure that many involved in the network thought was about right).

network 2

AFN – Brought to you by demontix.com!

UAF did a good job getting their supporters out, but unfortunately treated them to speakers including Labour MPs  Jeremy Corbyn and David Lammy – like the Labour party doesn’t give immigrants a kick when it wins them votes! London groups aligned with the anti-fascist network seemed pleased with the local antifash turn out, and they were joined by a couple of other groups who made the trip through the snow. One group of Antifascists who arrived fashionably late stumbled upon the ‘British friends of Golden Dawn’ holding pen (holding all 12 of them) and whilst out of the UAF kettle attempted to engage the dipshit fascists in a bit of light banter – shortly after this the Nazi’s were marched off to a tube station by the old bill in a shower of snowballs as the antifascists were put into the appropriate kettle to join the solidarity demo.

Pretty much everything Antifascists do is reactive to what the opposition is doing so it was great to have show of solidarity, requested, and answered by antifascists. The fact the scum only managed to get 12 out to counter the demo is encouraging, as was the turn out from Londoners. To be fair there were apparently a couple of fascists waiting in a pub nearby, but they decided to stay there rather than making arses out of themselves like their mates. The classic quote of the day came from one of the Golden Dawn Supporters – “We’re not fascists, we’re Nazi’s”. Fucking insane!!

Mugs - half of Londons Golden Shower Brigade

Dead behind the eyes – half of Londons Golden Shower brigade

The Edinburgh demo was almost identical, with 8 or so assorted fruit loops including SDL members showing up to stand on the sidelines and look dejected.

Edinburgh's Friends of Golden Dawn looking lonley

Edinburgh’s Friends of Golden Dawn looking lonely

The SDL did not fare much better in Pollokshields (Glasgow) on Sunday when a planned demonstration to use the anniversary of the death of a Scottish lad to try and stir up some hate attracted about 15 nutters and was told where to go. The turnout may have been low however, that may be due to the deceased being of catholic descent and the SDL getting confused about which side they are on. Militant antifascists and local antifa casuals also stayed away due to the organisers of the counter protest working with the police.

All in all a fucking terrible weekend for the fascists in the UK. If there does seem to be a lull in their fortunes it could provide a perfect opportunity to build a stronger, and more organised movement for the future.

Here’s some more reports from Saturday: Schnews – Wessex Solidarity – Athens Antifa

And one from Sunday in Glasgow: ISG



20 07 2012

On Saturday 28 July, the BNP will descend on Glasgow city centre for what leader Nick Griffin is calling the “biggest nationalist demonstration ever in Glasgow”. It follows their failed attempts – alongside their fascist chums in the Scottish Defence League – to carry out activity on Buchanan Street over two Saturdays in July so far. On both occasions, passers by and local anti-fascists have united to show their opposition to the BNP and SDL – and they were soon sent packing. Saturday 28th must be a huge show of force against the fascists – they shall not pass!