Come September: get ready for the 7th

1 09 2013


The EDL have announced plans to march to Altab Ali Park* for a rally on 7th September. This is clearly an arrogant and incendiary declaration even by their own (sub) standards. We call on every militant anti-fascist to join us on the streets on Saturday with the good people of Tower Hamlets in ensuring that the EDL do not set foot in the area and are effectively opposed!

As part of the build up to the Tower Hamlets demo, over 250 people attended London Anti-Fascists’ event ‘Resistance to fascism and racism in the East End’ at The Rag Factory. Thanks to all the speakers, DJs, venue and volunteers that made it a success and 210 curries served to boot! Absolutely fantastic evening and we are well prepared to give the EDL the welcome they deserve in a few days time.

Anti-Fascists will be joining the mobilisation from all over London as well as from Essex, Portsmouth, Bristol, Brighton, Nottingham and elsewhere. If you haven’t booked your train, coach, whatever… time to get on it.

*The park is named for Altab Ali, a young Bengali textile worker who was stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack in 1978 and whose murder inspired a mass movement against racism, which eventually kicked the National Front out of the area.




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