East End: Always Anti-Fascist

8 09 2013

Brilliant to see thousands turn out yesterday to tell the EDL to fuck off once again from London. They had a shit turnout, no local support and didn’t go where they wanted. Many hundreds joined the AFN in a bold attempt to block the EDL’s route, despite massive police odds – and we came pretty close. Insane policing resulted in 286 anti-fascist arrests, mostly from the AFN bloc. But we won’t let arrests deter us from physically confronting the racists. The EDL draw their power from the streets and that is where we have to confront them, despite the risks. Nothing can take away from the absolutely fantastic comrades who stood defiant and proud against the EDL.

Great solidarity shown with prisoner support at police stations across London throughout the night and from GBC / LDMG. If you were arrested or witnessed arrests or police abuse, write it down while it’s still fresh in your mind, let GBC know you’re out and how to contact you. Supporting each other is a collective responsibility especially after a mass arrest like yesterday, so think about what you can do – fundraising for legal costs and anti-fascist prisoner support is always worth doing.

Massive respect and appreciation to everyone that joined the counter-protests – it was great to stand with you. See you at the fantastic anti-fascist benefit party at ULU on the 12th of October or see you on the streets.


Other reports of the day:



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