Stand up to the SDL & Infidels in Berwick this Sat 5th!

3 07 2014


by North East Anti-Fascists

On July 5th, the Scottish Defence League and North East Infidels with their North West branch as well and other minor groups such as the EVF – the same extremist Nazi nutjobs who’ve caused Tommy Robinson to quit as EDL leader – are coming to BERWICK for yet another piss-up.

That’s the same drunken thugs who’ve previously pelted people in Sunderland with beer bottles and fireworks, while their Nazi chums in the North West Infidels have targeted the Unite trade union offices and a PCS picket line in Liverpool.

The stated objective of the fascists is to ‘Ban the Burka’ which would be funny if it wasn’t so serious, of all the things going on they focus on this irrelevance.

The fact that at a time when libraries and fire stations are being shut down, welfare is being cut, people are being cut off by sanctions and the NHS is being sold off, they chose to focus on an irrelevance like the Burka should tell you all you need to know about their politics.



A simple answer to the Infidels is that it is the economics of the rich that harms Berwick, which took large industrial employers out of the area with all the knock on effects this brings. The ‘Islamic community’ did not and does not control that. The fascists function to divide and distract people away from the real cause of problems, and that is capitalism.

However, we all know the dangers that such mobilisations of drunken racists and fascists bring to all, but especially those of Asian heritage. Therefore we call on all progressive & sound thinking people to oppose the spread of such racism & ignorance; to confront the fascists and to show that there is a better way than mindless prejudice and hatred, and to campaign together for a better life for all. Unity is our solution and solidarity is our method, contact the North East Anti Fascists to get involved.

The fascists are anti-working class. So long as the working class is being divided by racists and nationalists, we aren’t able to unite and confront the real problem minority: the rich ruling class who are deliberately wrecking this country in order to sell it for scrap.

The fascists are class traitors. Treat them accordingly and kick the fascist scum out of town!

Stop the SDL & NEI!!

Berwick July 5th

Exact details to follow, check our pages

North-East Anti-Fascists | Facebook

Current demo details being promoted by Berwick TUC, UAF and the RMT are assembling outside the Town Hall at 1pm, march 1.30, rally 2pm



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