Berwick says ‘Nae Nazis!’

8 07 2014

berwick copy

A brief report and some pics on opposition to the fascists marching in Berwick-upon-Tweed on Saturday

The fascists were an unholy alliance of the Scottish Defence League – long-known for being a smaller and nastier franchise of the more well-known English brand – and the North East Infidels – also a split from the EDL, who left to be free to be more racist.

They joined forces to bring their unwelcome message to the streets of Berwick. But the combined might of the fash of two countries appeared to equal about 40- 50 people. They had laughably decided the excuse for this outing was the call to ‘Ban the Burka’ – why this message was to be directed at the people of Berwick in particular remains a mystery. Mainly we suspect to provide the racists with an excuse to don their favourite masks and balaclavas.

A local opposition to the fascist march was organised by Berwick Trades Council who mobilised somewhere between 50-100 people to make a stand against the hate-mongers. Along with the TUC were UAF, North East Anti-Fascists, local trade unions and the People’s Assembly.

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North East Anti-Fascists report that: “a small group of NEAF activists did attempt to get in the road with a banner, only to be dragged away by the police and the best legal justification they could come up with was some garbage about causing an obstruction on a road”

Well done to all who made a stand.




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