Nazis in Newcastle

8 10 2014

Last Saturday 4th October, anti fascists in Newcastle opposed the National Front (NF) demonstration at Grey’s Monument in the city centre. The NF are white nationalists, openly old-school fascists, into Enoch Powell and swastikas. Presumably worried about anti fascists ‘jumping the pitch’ the NF organisers turned up over half an hour early. By midday they were joined by English Defence League, Scottish Defence League and North East Infidels supporters, showing the truth behind their online claims to hate Nazis. There were about 40 of them hanging around in all.

The smaller anti fascist counter demo refused to be intimidated by aggressive behaviour from the fascists, standing their ground when attacked by boneheads who didn’t really seem to know how to have a demo without a bit of bullying. Well done to all those who came out to show we reject nationalism as well as sexual abuse. Here’s a picture of the counter demo courtesy of the NF themselves:

One anti fascist had such a surreal conversation with a police officer he wrote it out in full:

Police Officer: “All you are doing is inflaming the situation”
Me: “I think the fact that a bus load of fascists have turned up and decided to stand in the city centre being racist is probably the main reason why this situation is inflamed”
Police Officer: “I haven’t seen them say a single thing that is racist”
Me: “They have a sign saying “Enoch Powell Was Right” and “Islam Is A Cancer Of The World and there is a bloke in a Skrewdriver t-shirt, do you not think that’s probably a bit racist?”
Police Officer: “No”


Most of the far right groups attempt, at least in official statements, to hide their racism behind excuses. A least the NF leaves you in no doubt. One part of official NF policy reads:

In the case of Britain the National Front upholds the wish of the majority of British people for Britain to remain a white country, with customs and a culture which have been developed to suit our character. Consequently the National Front would halt all non-white immigration into Britain and introduce a policy of phased and humane repatriation.The National Front believes that this is the only way to halt the steadily rising racial tension and violence that is becoming part of everyday life in modern Britain.

Of course another way to reduce racial tension and violence is to drive these racists off the streets, back to the slimy holes where they belong… The NF intend to run candidates in the May 2015 elections so we can expect to see a bit more of them for a while.

Saturday was the anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street, a massive and decisive victory for anti fascists in 1936. While not every week can be Cable Street, what better way to celebrate the history of anti fascism than to go out there confronting fascism on the streets, continuing the hard work of those before us.

See you at the next event!



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