Well done to all anti fascists out in Birmingham today!

11 10 2014



AFN groups hooked up with Birmingham UAF, Birmingham Strong Justice4ALL, unions, community groups and many others under the ‘We Are Birmingham’ banner this Saturday 11th. People came out despite the rain to demonstrate in Victoria Square together, making clear we reject the EDL’s vile and divisive message. Everyone seemed to enjoy the live music and a chance meet new people. One topic that came up a lot was the Nobel Peace Prize awarded yesterday to Malala, a Pakistani schoolgirl and activist now living in Birmingham. A few EDL supporters turned up here: one tried to take a banner and was arrested while another tried to assualt someone and was also arrested. Some of them just seemed a bit lost. One guy grabbed the microphone from an anti racist speaker to shout about Muslim paedophiles but he didn’t last long. A much better speaker was an 11 year old girl who said they should be renamed the Racist Defence League.

Meanwhile the main EDL demo gathered in a bar that didn’t want them, to ‘march’ all of 150 metres to their rally point. Things were considerably calmer than last year when they trashed the area including their own portaloos and fought with police. About 60 were eventually arrested and convicted for that but they hardly did anything this time. At the end they were contained and taken out of the area in minibuses. The turnout for them of about 300 was a lot less than they were hoping for but, of course, from our point of view, 300 too many!

Well done to everyone who turned up and made it happen. Hope you’ve all got dry by now!





3 responses

12 10 2014
paul sillett

Nice one. They are down to the dregs,aren’t they. Kent Nf members and Chris Renton, among others. …. cheers!

12 10 2014
Jill Faraday

300 drunken, hyped up, painted? raving lunatics.(.ok, some are pretty pathetic), but ,most frighten me..not just their hissing bile, volume and pure hatred..just the thought that my family,friends and neighbours, as mixed race as you can get! could be actually killed, maimed and open to abuse from these monster,totally uneducated, mainly white.. shameful excuses for humans? just because they exist? not something I want me or my children to ever encounter again.it’s a depressing sight .but, on a lighter note, had a great day with the lovely ,like minded” live and let live” people of my hometown
oh and I must tell you we got plenty of sun and a few laughs at the lone wanders of a few lost EDL TWATS. that ran like “rabbits” as people chased them off! haha with the yellow lines of police in full flight! almost falling over each other down the many steps in the Square. proud to have been there again and being a Brummie.

13 10 2014

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