Stop the fascists in Rochester and Sunderland: Sat 15th November

13 11 2014


It’s another busy weekend for anti-fascists as Saturday sees dual demos in the south and the north.


Meet: 12.30, Rochester station ME1 1HQ

Facebook event

In Rochester the BNP splinter group Britain First are back for another dose of humiliation in their increasingly bizarre election campaign.

Rochester and Strood has been a focus of national attention since the sitting Tory MP triggered a by-election by defecting to UKIP. He hopes to keep his seat while becoming Farage’s second MP.  Britain First have jumped into the ring and are running  their deputy leader in the election too, mostly in an attempt at self-publicity.

No one is going to vote for Britain First, mostly because they keep telling everyone to vote for UKIP. They see themselves in an effective alliance with UKIP, where the ‘Kippers play the ‘political game’ and BF take it to the streets.

So unfortunate Rochester has got another week as the frontline of Britain’s struggle against the rise of the right until the by-election on the 20th November.

Britain First have called another ‘Day of Action’ on Saturday since their last one  (which saw them outnumbered 2 to 1 and blocked from marching anywhere) was such a roaring success.

Last time the ‘action’ mostly involved them yelling racist and homophobic abuse at the population of Rochester and calling for all their opponents to be ‘hung drawn and quartered’ (leaving us wondering about the sincerity of their opposition to the ‘brutality’ of sharia law).

There is a lot of energy on the ground from the local organisers of the opposition to Britain First and AFN groups will be travelling to support them. Join us!


Meet 2pm, War memorial, Burdon road, Mowbray park, Sunderland


NEI leader Warren Faulkner struggles with stiffness of the arm

At the other end of the country the North East Infidels are having a demo in Sunderland. As far as anyone can figure out this appears supposedly to be about a local rape case that they assert was carried out by a Muslim (read: brown person), however, slightly undermining their case is the fact that the suspect on bail is a white man. However, as always, the real reason for their demo is to get drunk and racially abuse people.

The Infidels split from the EDL because it wasn’t right-wing enough for them, so they are inviting their few fascist friends down to Sunderland to join them in abusing the locals. Hitler-lickers from Scotland and elsewhere will be in attendance.

As usual they are already making threats of violence against anyone they don’t like. Note: ‘left-wing’ for them includes almost the entire population of these islands.


They’ve previously pelted people in Sunderland with beer bottles and fireworks, while their Nazi chums in the North West Infidels have targeted the Unite trade union offices and a PCS picket line in Liverpool.

North East Anti-Fascists are organising a counter-mobilisation.

Join them to oppose some of the far-right’s nastiest specimens.




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