Update on anti-fascist mobilisations this Saturday

1 07 2015


UPDATED Thu 23.30

This Saturday 4th the AFN will be mobilising in different locations across the country to oppose multiple far-right threats. Join us on the streets to show the fascists how isolated they are!

The situation with some of these fascist demonstrations has changed since our last post.

  • Westminster: Oppose the Nazis – meet at 12.30 – junction of Richmond Terrace and Whitehall: Facebook event
  • Sheffield: Stop the EDL march – meet at 13.00 – Hallam Square: Facebook event
  • Stockton-on-Tees: Unite against Islamophobia & oppose the North East Infidels – meet 12.30 at Old Town Hall: Facebook event

For continuing updates on the situation with all these mobilisation keep checking our twitter feed.

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Anti-fascist action dates for the summer

17 06 2015


The Anti-Fascist Network is announcing two national call-out dates for the summer, which are:

On July 4th groups from the north will concentrate on opposing the EDL national demo in Sheffield, while groups from the south will support Jewdas’ demonstration against neo-Nazis in Golders Green in North London.

On August 15th we are making a national call-out for everyone to support the mobilisation against the neo-Nazi ‘White Man March’ in Liverpool.

We call on all those opposed to racism, Nazism and Fascism to join us in these actions.

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From Solihull to Stamford Hill – anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish hate will be opposed!

20 04 2015


It’s unfortunate for the ‘new right’ of the EDL and the anti-Muslim ‘counter-Jihad’ movement, that as much as they constantly proclaim that they “aren’t racist because Islam isn’t a race” (© every racist ever), old-fashioned neo-Nazi Jew-haters keep popping up to remind everyone that all the same arguments they use against Muslims have been used before against Jews.

As a very good piece by Jewdas points out, all the same lies historically used by anti-Semites are now being applied to Muslims. And yet this Islamophobic hatred is far more culturally acceptable than anti-Semitism. Take the average rant about Islam from Britain First, the EDL, UKIP or the Daily Mail, switch all the words referring to Muslims and Islam to Jews and Judaism and see how much it sounds like the Nazis.

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Mobilise! Upcoming Antifascist Events

16 03 2015


This coming weekend sees a whole range of antifascist mobilisations in different parts of the country. See you on the streets!

Friday, March 20th


Justice4Bolton, a community group, will be rallying in Victoria Square, Bolton, at 12:30pm on Friday. The group exists to seek justice for the antifascists arrested at a protest against the EDL in 2010. Friday is the 5 year anniversary of that protest.

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Coming up in March…

27 02 2015

The Anti Fascist Network is all about getting out of our armchairs and on to the streets, so here’s a run through of what’s coming up. How will anyone know you oppose fascism if you don’t get out there and say so!


First up in March is an EDL national demo in Manchester on Saturday the 7th. The local UAF are organising a counter demo. It’s Piccadilly Gardens at midday. Read the rest of this entry »