Thanks from Luton Anti-Fascists to those who turned out on Saturday

30 06 2015

The crowd on the day opposing Britain First

Luton Anti-Fascists posted this message after the demonstration against Britain First in Luton on Saturday:

“Thanks for all the anti-fascists who turned out yesterday to oppose the fascists Britain First and to show solidarity with Luton Antifa’s first action. This is just the first step in setting up a militant anti-fascist movement in Luton to rid our town of the disease of fascism. Today as a group we forced Britain First to retreat and divert from their planned route, so thank you again to everyone who stood in their way and would not let them pass. Please contact us via the page or email ( to get involved with further meetings/actions.



Luton Anti-Fascists promoting the demo beforehand


The police attempt to get an injunction against the leaders of Britain First to prevent them from entering Luton failed. But they did succeed in every other aspect of their injunction. The conditions now in force against Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen appear to rule out more or less everything they do:

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 15.30.33

It remains to be seen if this injunction actually makes any significant difference to Britain First’s activities.

Well done to all who turned out and made a stand in Luton on Saturday.



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