Anti-Fascists take to the streets this Saturday: Lincoln and Wakefield

21 07 2015



Anti-fascists in Lincoln march against the far-right last year

Wakefield: 10.30am, Cathedral Steps

Lincoln: 12.00, top of Lincoln High St

As the far-right continues to simultaneously fragment and become more dangerous and extreme, anti-fascists are increasingly facing multiple far-right marches happening at the same time.

Rather than one occasional EDL demo of several hundred people we are now often seeing multiple smaller marches from across the spectrum of racist hatred, making it harder to keep tabs on them all.

This weekend, as well as it being the international day of solidarity with anti-fascist prisoners (see our previous post), there are anti-fascist mobilisations against the EDL in Lincoln and against the Nazi National Front in Wakefield.



Leeds Anti-Fascist Network have issued a call-out for Wakefield:


On the 25th July the Nazi National Front will be marching in Wakefield against “austerity and immigration”. This cynical ploy to link the impoverishment and difficulties facing working class people to our immigrant sisters and brothers is nothing new; government after government in this country has tried to scapegoat foreign workers to divert blame from the system they represent. The struggle against austerity is also a struggle against racism, a struggle to unite all working class people against the politicians, bankers and capitalists who are using austerity to enrich themselves at our expense.

Leeds Anti-Fascist Network will be opposing the National Front and calling for working class unity against the provocations of the far-right. Join us on the 25th July in Wakefield.”


A local community response under the name ‘We Are Wakefield’ have called for an ‘anti-racism open air party’ on Saturday, meeting at 10.30 at the Cathedral steps.

They are also holding a public meeting to mobilise against the NF on Thursday 23rd.

The NF admit they will be outnumbered. Lets make sure that’s true!



LINCOLN Anti-Mosque-Racism-Protest-08-06-2013-SS-19 copy

The people of Lincoln see off racists in 2013

At the other side of the country, the EDL are planning on marching through Lincoln this Saturday. Local stalwarts Lincoln Against Racism and Fascism have been organising a counter-demonstration. They have previously held very successful counter-demonstrations against attempts by the ‘East Anglian Patriots’ to march in Lincoln.


LARF are holding a public meeting this Wednesday in Lincoln to mobilise ahead of Saturday’s demonstration.

We call on everyone to support these mobilisations against the spread of racism and fascism.

See you on the streets!



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