Successful mobilisations in Lincoln and Wakefield

28 07 2015


The dual mobilisations against fascists in Wakefield and Lincoln on Saturday both saw a good turn out. 100 local anti-racists stood up against 120 EDL in Lincoln according to the local paper.

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Anti-Fascists take to the streets this Saturday: Lincoln and Wakefield

21 07 2015



Anti-fascists in Lincoln march against the far-right last year

Wakefield: 10.30am, Cathedral Steps

Lincoln: 12.00, top of Lincoln High St

As the far-right continues to simultaneously fragment and become more dangerous and extreme, anti-fascists are increasingly facing multiple far-right marches happening at the same time.

Rather than one occasional EDL demo of several hundred people we are now often seeing multiple smaller marches from across the spectrum of racist hatred, making it harder to keep tabs on them all.

This weekend, as well as it being the international day of solidarity with anti-fascist prisoners (see our previous post), there are anti-fascist mobilisations against the EDL in Lincoln and against the Nazi National Front in Wakefield.

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Anti-fascist action in Lincoln and London this weekend

20 01 2014


Saturday saw mobilisations against the far-right in both Lincoln and London. The bad guys this time were not the EDL but some of the plethora of tiny but even nastier far-right groups who think the EDL are a bunch of liberals.


The demonstration in Lincoln was called by the ‘East Anglian Patriots’ but supported by a number of allied far-right groups. They parachuted in from the outside (Lincoln is not in East Anglia!) to impose their views on the population of the town regarding the proposed construction of a mosque.

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Update on Anti-Fascist Events in the New Year

31 12 2013

The EDL have changed the date of their Slough national demo from the 8th February to the 1st. So the national anti-fascist callout made by Berkshire Anti-Fascists has of course also changed.

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