Idiots’ guide to the idiot far right

15 01 2015

To welcome in 2015, the Anti-Fascist Network has put together an idiots’ guide to the idiots on Britain’s far right. No need to thank us, it’s a public service.

British National Party

Introducing the man who will revive the fortunes of the BNP... Adam Walker

Introducing the man who will definitely revive the fortunes of the BNP… Adam Walker

Formerly known as Britain’s most successful and ambitious fascist group since the 1930s, recent years have not been kind to the BNP. Membership and electoral support for the party has plummeted after a disappointing performance in the 2010 local and general elections. This unleashed a series of bitter internal disputes culminating in longstanding party leader Nick Griffin being unceremoniously booted out during 2014.

Alongside Griffin, most prominent party members who were at least semi-competent and kept the show on the road have either resigned or been expelled. This has left the BNP bereft of people with the kind of basic skills necessary to do organise election campaigns or community work. Adam Walker, Griffin’s replacement, is uniquely poorly placed to lead the party. Although he lacks political skill, charisma or any observable talents, he does have a conviction for chasing children in his car and threatening them with a knife. Read the rest of this entry »

Fascist Skin Band Due In London on Saturday.

14 02 2013

Fascist scumbags IC1 are due to play at an Oi gig in Barking on Saturday night. Here’s the facebook event: Monsters Of Oi – a short look through the guest list and you may come across some real ‘white pride’ losers (as usual, all terrible examples of the master race!)

The venue is The Boleyn Pub, Barking Road, London, E6. – telephone 02084722182.  All are welcome to attend! The Boleyn probably would appreciate warning that anti-fascists will be none too happy if they let IC1 play.

UAF are advertising a demo outside the pub at 8pm sharp.

IC1 - combat 18 security on the right.

IC1 – Combat 18 security on the right.

And please remember, there are plenty of Anti-fascist Skins about too!

Real Skins

Real Skins