Idiots’ guide to the idiot far right

15 01 2015

To welcome in 2015, the Anti-Fascist Network has put together an idiots’ guide to the idiots on Britain’s far right. No need to thank us, it’s a public service.

British National Party

Introducing the man who will revive the fortunes of the BNP... Adam Walker

Introducing the man who will definitely revive the fortunes of the BNP… Adam Walker

Formerly known as Britain’s most successful and ambitious fascist group since the 1930s, recent years have not been kind to the BNP. Membership and electoral support for the party has plummeted after a disappointing performance in the 2010 local and general elections. This unleashed a series of bitter internal disputes culminating in longstanding party leader Nick Griffin being unceremoniously booted out during 2014.

Alongside Griffin, most prominent party members who were at least semi-competent and kept the show on the road have either resigned or been expelled. This has left the BNP bereft of people with the kind of basic skills necessary to do organise election campaigns or community work. Adam Walker, Griffin’s replacement, is uniquely poorly placed to lead the party. Although he lacks political skill, charisma or any observable talents, he does have a conviction for chasing children in his car and threatening them with a knife. Read the rest of this entry »

Anti-fascist action in Cardiff this Saturday 25th

22 10 2014


Also this Saturday 25th,  across the country from Rotherham in Cardiff, the ‘Welsh Alliance’ are holding a demo against all the usual things fascists don’t like – all Muslims, all mosques, all immigrants etc. The Welsh Alliance demo seems to be mostly being promoted by the English Volunteer Force who are apparently also speaking at the event. Having your protest against ‘Islamist terrorism’ addressed by people who think it’s smart to name themselves after a Loyalist terror group might not be the most obvious choice but that’s fascists for you!

Anti-fascists including South Wales Anti-Fascist Action will be there to oppose them.

Facebook event

Full details to be released nearer the time.

Anti-fascists successfully oppose the far-right EVF in London

16 03 2014


The first outing in London today for the newly minted right-wing alliance the United British Patriots does not bode well for their attempt to supplant the EDL as Britain’s premier right-wing street movement. The demo was called in the name of the English Volunteer Force (EVF), but was supposed to be a multi-organisational ‘unity’ march on Parliament of all the fascist splinter groups who make up the UBP. It was always very confused being a demo about everything and nothing with no clear agenda. As it turned out they pulled somewhere around 100 for their much-hyped big day.

Overall the day was a good one for anti-fascists. There was a noisy anti-fascist crowd that was quite up for it and tried to get close to the fascists. The EVF would likely have been lightly policed and able to do their full march route down Whitehall had it not been for anti-fascists mobilising. As it was, they were considerably more constrained by the police than they could have been. Rather than the racists parading their bigotry amongst the crowds of multi-racial families that populate central Westminster on a Saturday afternoon, they limped along largely unseen behind a wall of cops.

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Call-out to oppose the EVF in London Sat 15th March

11 03 2014


The English Volunteer Force (EVF), a small EDL splinter group who thought it would be a whizzo idea to name themselves after Loyalist terrorists are holding a march on Parliament this Saturday 15th.

The EVF are a pretty small outfit. However, the event is given some added significance in that it is the first outing for the latest effort to “unite the right” – the United British Patriots. So as well as the EVF, we can expect members of Casuals United, the South East Alliance, the Infidels etc as the UBP tries to supplant the EDL as the primary right wing force on the streets.

North London Anti-Fascists have made a call-out to oppose them and will be holding a counter-mobilisation.

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EVF in Croydon Sat 27th July

27 07 2013

Anti-fascists gave the racists grief from 11am – 7pm, Croydon to Westminster, ensuring wherever they went, they were told to fuck off.


Croydon demonstration update

16 07 2013

Following up on our previous call for people to join us in opposing the racist EVF in Croydon on the 27th July:

The EVF have changed the time of their demonstration from 1330 to 1200 to enable them to go off to join another equally racist right wing demonstration at 1430 marching from Woolwich to Westminster.

We will be meeting outside Lunar House at 11:00 on the 27th
Lunar House is at 40 Wellesley Rd, Croydon, Surrey CR9 2BY
(10min walk from East Croydon station)


Join us on the 27th to say no to racism, Islamophobia and migrant scapegoating

Brighton Anti-Fascists

Oppose the racist EVF demonstration in Croydon – stick up for migrants

13 07 2013

Sat 27th July, East Croydon – Keep the date in your diary!

On Saturday 27th July a splinter group of the EDL called the English Volunteer Force have called a demonstration outside Lunar House in Croydon, which is the main asylum seeker processing centre in the UK, where asylum seekers and migrants are obliged to come by the Home Office. The EVF are more openly and virulently racist that the EDL and will be supported by a number of other far-right splinter groups.

Their aim is to scapegoat migrants for many of the problems of society and to stoke up anti-Muslim hatred. They aim to capitalise upon anti-immigrant feeling connected with the rise of UKIP and on the recent surge in Islamophobia since the killing of Lee Rigby in Woolwich in May.

Lunar House will be operating on the day and migrants, many of whom are vulnerable people having fled torture and abuse, will have to queue outside suffering abuse from fascists.

The EVF are being opposed by a broad coalition of local residents and the local Trades Council, South London Anti-Fascists, the local Green Party, UAF, One Croydon, Croydon SolFed, the Anti-Fascist Network and others.

Say no to racism, Islamophobia and migrant scapegoating – Join us on the 27th to stand together against the hatred of the EVF and to defend people’s right to seek asylum.

The EVF have announced their demonstration for 12 noon. More information will be made available nearer the time about precise time and location of our counter mobilisation.

Brighton Anti-Fascists

Alarm Sounding

6 03 2013

Our friends at ALARM have passed on the following info –

The English Volunteer Force have a demo planned at Abu Qatada’s house in Stanmore on Saturday.

The EVF are planning to meet at the Man In the Moon Wetherspoons pub, probably so they can make jokes about eating bacon sarnies –  like it’s some kind of rebellion! If you want to warn the pub beforehand the info is below.

tel: 020 8954 6119


I would like to point out that Abu Qatada is a prick. He preaches the same sort of hate that the EVF like to peddle, divisive anti-working class crap.  The fact that the EVF do not realise how much they have in common with Abu  is not an excuse to allow them to go unopposed.

English Volunteer Farce

28 01 2013

As a few articles have already been written about the English Volunteer Force and their shamble’s of a first demo there’s not a lot to add, other than it turned out to be what most people expected – piss poor! A maximum of 50 nationalist extremists from all around the country securely kettled for their own safety. A UAF demonstration of similar numbers kept itself to itself some distance away.

Here’s some good reports from the day: Birmingham News, EMAF, EDL News

EVF - hard when  surrounded by police.

EVF – hard when surrounded by police.