Victory for anti-fascists in court!

14 04 2014

wmin court

Today was due to be the first day of the trial of the remaining 5 defendents from the June 2013 demonstration against the BNP in Westminster, which successfully stopped the fascists marching on the Cenotaph to exploit the death of Lee Rigby.

There was a solidarity picket outside Westminster magistrates court this morning to support the defendents on trial. However, the case has now been dismissed and thrown out of court in a clear victory for anti-fascists against the police. Despite having months to prepare the case, the prosecution claimed to have no evidence as their key witness was on holiday!

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South London Anti-Fascists: thanks to the many

3 06 2013

Reposted from the multiculturalpoliticBy South London Anti-Fascists / @SouthLondonAF

This statement of gratitude is to the many who were on the streets on Saturday, those who in the past week who emailed us offering support, to those who came to our planning meetings. We thank the thinkers who thought deeply and practically about how to stop fascists,  the activists who got arrested and brutalised by the police, to those who organised childcare and those who were there in spirit. We thank those who met up with individuals including from Lambeth SOS/UnisonSouth London Solidarity Federation andBloomsbury Fightback who without their help would have travelled alone. Also the Animal Rights activists who joined us while dressed as badgers. We thank all of you for your support, the British National Party because of all of your efforts were shown to be a national joke and didn’t even get close to South London.

London antifascists who have been instrumental in the effective resistance on Saturday have published a detailed report which can be read here.

anti-fascist arrests

Antifascist arrests

We are disgusted but once again not surprised by the actions of the police, one female antifascist was hospitalised with a broken leg, while 58 other antifascists were arrested because they refused to allow the fascists to march. The arrests with the prepared buses were clearly planned in advance of the protest. We will continue to show solidarity with the arrestees and we will work with Green & Black Cross to continue to provide legal and financial support. We urge all fellow antifascists who are able to donate to GBC, their help has been incredibly important and vital to organising quick and effective arrestee support.

We saw legal observers were punched and pushed out of the way so that they could not record police brutality. This was planned and prepared by the police and we must learn from this experience.

We note that Weyman Bennett from Unite Against Fascism did not cooperate with the police to divide the antifascist resistance, and also many UAF activists joined us in forming defensive lines against the fascists and the police, this solidarity was welcome.

In Woolwich, we thank activists from the Movement for Justice who kept an eye on the local Islamic Centre and spoke with young black people about the current situation. In Lewisham, various antifascists from the local Trade Union Council, Newham Monitoring Project,  and other people from the local community came together to support Lewisham Islamic Centre. The Centre in response held a meal for all who attended on the day.

However, while we defeat the BNP, despite the valiant efforts of antifascists across the country, the English Defence League were able to hold a few unopposed “silent walks” on Saturday particularly in their home town of Luton. They have subsequently raised significant sums of money for their own organisation. We know that at least 13 mosques and Islamic centres have been attacked according to media reports, and many more Muslims have been attacked in the streets.

Our movement has many challenges ahead, we are too white and disconnected from the migrant communities and activists that are directly affected by Islamophobia, xenophobia and racism. Racism, sexism and fascism doesn’t just appear in fascist marches and pitch battles against the police. It happens in the workplace, in the national newspapers, during stop-and-searches, through local councils and the corridors of power in Westminster. Popular racism is endemic in British institutions and mainstream culture. In response to this, we as antifascists must develop a genuine diversity of tactics and a coherent strategy to pull racist ideologies and power structures up from its imperial roots in the British state. Our autonomous struggle is against police brutality, the murder of migrants labelled “asylum seekers”, the countless deaths in custody, the demonisation of Romanians and Bulgarians, and against the inability to leave your home because of the fear of being attacked for being different.

If you are interested in supporting this struggle, we will be holding a debriefing meeting on Monday 10th June from 6pm to 7:30pm in South London. Details will be revealed on our mailing list. Email us to get involved:

We are also on Facebook: and


Stop the BNP! Oppose their march from Woolwich to Lewisham, Sat 1st Jun

30 05 2013

There’s fascist gatherings all over the bloody place this weekend, if your around London though take note!

A message From London and South London Anti-Fascists –

Battle of Lewisham, 13 August 1977 - 10,000 antifascists confront the NF march in a decisive battle against the far-right.

Battle of Lewisham, 13 August 1977 – 10,000 antifascists confront the NF march in a decisive battle against the far-right.

We are calling on all anti-fascists to oppose the BNP, who are planning to march from Woolwich to Lewisham, on Saturday June 1st.

We must come together to show that their racist ideology will be opposed on our streets and in our neighbourhoods.

More details to follow.

BNP Lewisham – poster

A5 flier – flyer

Fascist Activity This Weekend

15 11 2012

NF to terrorise Sunderland again Nov 17th

By 3cafa

“A FAR Right group is to stage a further demonstration over the proposed opening of a new mosque.

The Northern Patriotic Front, formed in Newcastle by ex-members of the National Front in August, is to stage what it insists will be a peaceful hour-long protest in the Millfield area of Sunderland at noon on Saturday (November 17).

Police say they expect a counter demonstration by anti-fascist groups and have warned that anyone causing trouble will be dealt with.

Saturday’s demonstration will be the fourth this year staged by Far Right groups over plans by the Pakistan Islamic Centre to open a mosque in St Mark’s Road.

The last, organised by the North-East Infidels, ended in violence and 13 arrests.

Earlier this year, Sunderland City Council has granted planning permission for the conversion of a former transport depot into a mosque.

Simon Biggs, spokesman for the Northern Patriotic Front, said he expected “30 to 40″ demonstrators and added: “We will be holding banners and placards and trying to get our message across – it will be a peaceful protest”.

Chief Superintendent Kay Blyth, of Northumbria Police, said: “The organisers have assured us they do not want any trouble and their intention is to hold a short peaceful assembly before moving on and police will act in a neutral capacity to facilitate this.

“We expect those attending to ensure they do behave peacefully and they don’t become involved in trouble.

“It’s expected there will be a counter protest and we also expect all those attending to behave peacefully and not become involved in any trouble.

“”Anyone causing problems will be dealt with”.

And on Sunday…

Boston protest is a far right event

By East Midlands Anti Fascists

This Sunday will see an anti-immigration march take place in Boston, Lincolnshire. In the past, organiser Dean Everitt has made a big fuss about avoiding being “hijacked” by the far right but we can reveal that Sunday’s static demonstration at the Herbert Ingram memorial is a solidly far right event.

Dean Everitt has shown support for the Infidels of Britain, BNP and EDL on Facebook and of the 100 odd people who have signed up on Facebook, many are far right organisers and activists. They include Lincolnshire EDL organiser, Daz Healey, partner of Tony Curtis and former EDL speaker, Tracie Bird, organiser of the recent EDL demo in Norwich, Sam Burgess, BNP activist and in charge of the New Daily Patriot far right news site, Craig Farnworth, East Anglian EDL organiser, Ivan Humble, Shane Overton (Lincoln EDL), Sonya Greenberry-Coleman (Nottingham EDL) and Andy Reynolds (East Anglian EDL). Those who maybe going include Geoff Mitchell (East Anglian EDL), Louise Walsh (Nottingham EDL), Dom Woodhead (Keighley EDL), Tony Ball (Sunderland EDL), John Morrow (EDL) and Roy Wolfshead (CxF). The list of those invited includes British Freedom Party founder, Simon Bennett, Derbyshire BNP organiser, Paul Hilliard and Derbyshire BNP candidate, Emma Roper.

Dean Everitt: Organiser of the Boston Protest Group and currently under investigation for assault and criminal damage

Tracie Bird, EDL speaker, partner of Tony Curtis and going to Boston this weekend 

Sam Burgess, organiser of EDL demo in Norwich and fond of getting off on his own reflection

Craig Farnworth, BNP activist who runs the New Daily Patriot

Lincoln EDL member, Shane Overton, gets ready to “peacefully protest”

Considering the mess the EDL and BNP are in at the moment this could be a relatively big event for them and there will doubtless be more turning up who aren’t foolish enough to announce their presence on Facebook. It is quite hard to see how they this fits in with the stated mission of the EDL to combat “Islamic extremism” but when times are hard the far right turn to whatever cause they think is populist and likely to garner support for their own flagging organisations.

Local migrant rights organisations have expressed their worry about the demonstration turning ugly and resulting in violence and harassment of migrant workers and their families in the area. Given the kind of people who are pledging to turn up and the followers they will bring with them, it does not seem unreasonable. Let’s hope the people of Boston show them the same lack of respect they have done so far.


Fascists Attack – We Fight Back! – Sunderland 6/10/12

9 10 2012
This article is a re-post from:  North East Anarchists
Anti-fascist march Sunderland 6-10-12Saturday 6th Oct saw about 70/75 anti-fascists gather at the Murray Library on Chester Road in Sunderland for a counter demonstration against the combined fascist threat of the the Infidels and the Northern Patriotic Front (fomerly the north-east branch of the National Front). Besides the usual mixture of anarchists, leftists and liberals, there was a large and lively group of around 20/30 local Asian youth, many of whom were masked up, making for a militant atmosphere on the march, which the UAF contingent repeatedly tried to dampen by stopping the march, demanding it slow down and constantly trying to herd the youths back behind the banners.

The march itself was short – straight up Chester Road before turning off to St Mark’s Road. We had heard from a comrade that the fascists were drinking in The Chesters pub, further up the road. Clearly buzzing on the experience of being part of a mass march, causing gridlock on one of Sunderland’s main arterial roads, the Asian kids went straight past St Mark’s Road, aiming for the pub where the fascists were drinking. However, a combination of the police and UAF ‘leadership’ turned the march to its original destination on St Mark’s Road.

Once on St Mark’s Road, police EG squads appeared. We reached the end of the march at the Hylton Road end at about 12:40. The anti-fascists occupied a defensive position, protecting the target of the fascists – the site of a proposed mosque. Here, one of the UAF lot made a daft speech claiming victory twenty minutes before the fascists were even due to turn up. The first fascists appeared about 1pm – about 20 of the NPF. Barred from bringing any of their usual NF banners and flags by the Infidels (they had said it would give the wrong impression!) and evidently unhappy with the numbers of anti-fascists, the NPF contingent were subdued – not their usual rabid selves. Outnumbering the NPF several times over, the anti-fascists were vocal.

Then the EDL/SDL/Infidels turned up, about 100, and a real confrontation took place. Elderly anti-fascists who attended put the experienced and younger left/anarchist people who did not turn out to shame.

The newly-arrived fascists immediately started to throw bangers – some 20-25 of them in total – beer bottles, sticks and stones at the anti-fascists, who held their ground, giving slogans and verbals back in spades. Several anti-fascists were hit by missiles thrown by the EDL, but no serious injuries were suffered by our side. The immediate result of the fascist barrage was that several Asian youths broke through the police line in an attempt to get at the fascists. Far from being intimidated, the local youths became more militant and determined to fight back against the stupid fascist aggression, with large numbers charging off to meet the fascists as they attempted to get around behind the police lines through the back streets.

The far-right only had bizarre and fantasy slogans such as “No Mosque at Ground Zero” – who knew that Sunderland could be mistaken for New York? “Deport Pakistani paedophiles”, but we do not know of any in Sunderland, and the usual tedious accusations that the anti-fascists were “all paedophiles”, which is also plainly rubbish. The fascists were not locals, as there was a Blackburn EDL banner and seemingly all of their placards were SDL ones. If that is the best their Northern divisions can do, it’s embarrassing for them. Their rank and file are being used for nothing, the fascist leadership stood toward the back and let their young ones have a go. But, to what end? They had 13 arrests – 10% of their turn-out – and more are sure to follow, and yet they gained nothing. They cannot keep this up or there will be nothing left as they recruited none and alienated many.

The police took a couple of bottles at the back of their heads, bangers at their feet, but their bosses did not order a move against the criminals responsible. The police intelligence was poor and they were slow to protect their own officers, they failed to address the public order offences committed throughout the demonstration.

The brave anti-fascists stood their ground and eventually, after much aggro, the fascists retreated and we waived “Bye Bye” at them. Next time we will have more numbers, and they will not pass again.

March politics

Before the march liberals said that the anti fascist mobilisation will ‘be peaceful’ but this only attempts to tie the movement’s hands. Also, turning the march away from where the fascists are was just controlling the march so they could proclaim a ‘victory’ which was nothing of the sort. When faced with organised fascist violence it is essential to defend ourselves. The fascists were not interested in democratic debate or a real discussion.

Liberals are deluded if they think we should “turn the other cheek”. WE SAY BOLLOCKS. Fascists attack – WE FIGHT BACK. The local Asian youths did themselves – and our city – proud with a great display of militancy and courage. That is exactly what the anti-fascist movement needs if we are to move beyond merely symbolic victories to actually sweeping the fascist scum off our streets. The UAF control of the march was a problem and the UAF proclaiming a victory on the megaphone against the fascists before the EDL/SDL had arrived was and is fantasy, if anything it was around a score draw taking everything into consideration.

The truth is that the UAF mobilisation was pitiful, it was the anarchists and the Asian youth who supplied the militancy and numbers. Anybody with a political brain will review the day and realise that the UAF attempts leadership are a dead end. For the fascists, it was a bizarre booze fuelled outing which many will suffer for, and got them nothing. They did not pass.


20 07 2012

On Saturday 28 July, the BNP will descend on Glasgow city centre for what leader Nick Griffin is calling the “biggest nationalist demonstration ever in Glasgow”. It follows their failed attempts – alongside their fascist chums in the Scottish Defence League – to carry out activity on Buchanan Street over two Saturdays in July so far. On both occasions, passers by and local anti-fascists have united to show their opposition to the BNP and SDL – and they were soon sent packing. Saturday 28th must be a huge show of force against the fascists – they shall not pass!


Repost – Antifascist Action In Liverpool

21 04 2012

Below is a re-post from LIBCOM 19/04/12. There are also articles about it on Liverpool Antifascists and on Truth Liberty & Reason.

“Today has been a bad day for UK fascism. There have been several arrests in dawn raids by anti-terror police following a tip off. They were then run off the streets by anti-fascists in Liverpool.

Today should have seen a debate at Liverpool University featuring all twelve prospective candidates. Amongst them was to be a BNPcandidate, an NF candidate, and on from the English Democrats.

As soon as it was announced that the fascists were to be given a slot at the debate, a demonstration was called by Liverpool Anti-Fascists. The event was cancelled with two days’ notice. There have been several reasons suggested as to why but it would seem that the University has bowed to pressure from students, and the added concerns of security and safety.

Despite there being no debate, we decided to still have a rally at the university. Numbers had understandably not what they would have been had the debate actually taken place but we numbered around forty.

Soon after the first speaker had started we received word that a group of around twenty boneheads had left a pub in the city centre, and were heading up to find us.

We decided to walk towards them and meet them half way. We didn’t have to look too hard to find them. Around thirty fascists came towards us, signalling their intent by aggressively throwing a plastic bottle of strawberry milkshake in our direction. Blows were exchanged between four of five people before the police came around the corner. We stood our ground as several fascists sprinted down a side street, whilst the others quickly made their way back across the road.
Within minutes there was thirty or forty police between us and the fascists. Following a quick discussion we decided to cross over and confront the fascists. Not as confident as they were initially they just stood still and allowed the police to push us back.

Over the next thirty minutes we managed to push the fascists back towards the town centre. Every time we moved, they move back. They were more than happy to stand behind the police, call people ‘faggots’, ‘paedo’s’, ‘IRA’, etc. They even accused of being anti-working class, ironic considering that they are all NF street thugs acting on the orders of a millionaire local businessman.

One comrade was arrested for a public order offence after he attempted to break the police lines and get at the Nazi’s. The confrontation ended as the fascists were escorted back into the city centre by the police. A small group of antifascists then made their way to the local police station to show some support for the arrested comrade.

As always seems to be the case recently, most of the fascists had come from outside the North West. Several of them were boneheads from the Yorkshire area, involved with the National Front, and the British Peoples Party. One of the fascists who exchanged blows with anti-fascists was the BNP candidate from Birkenhead, Joe Killen.

It has been a bad day for the bone heads of the Infidels of Britain, NF. Firstly, several of them had been arrested by anti-terror police in dawn raids, and then their rag tag bunch of goons was embarrassed on the streets of Liverpool.

No Pasaran!”

So Looks like the toothless boneheads ain’t had a good time of it up in the North, Tomorrow it’s the South coasts turn to keep the streets  clean of the ‘new’ fascism. Check out the Brighton Anti-Fascists  blog for more info and also Stop MFE!