(Old) New Tactics From The Fragmented Right

30 10 2012

Reports from Liverpool, Plymouth, Portsmouth and Norwich over the last couple of days show another trend in fascist activity. It seems as the EDL gets less effective the hardline members are trying to peddle their shit ideology to a more fluffy target.

The latest group to try and stir up a bit of moral outrage is Support the 5.Norwich show of support for 5 Marines charged with murder

It’s an easy one for the fascists to lie about – approach someone who knows nothing about it and explain that 5 British troops are being held on murder charges for shooting an opposing soldier in battle. Daily mail types and cops start foaming at the mouth about PC gone mad! However it was actually the Daily Mail who reported that the 5 marines executed a captured soldier after filming themselves deciding what to do with him. It’s hardly in line with the rules of engagement that the British army claims to observe, and therefore can do the reputation of the army serious damage. The men were arrested after a computer was seized by the plod for an unrelated civilian investigation.

What we have seen in each of the cities these ‘Free the 5’ demo’s have been held in, is a turn out from known right wing extremists. The pic below from Liver AF’s Twitter account shows the wannabe paramilitary group Combined Ex Forces bigging up one of the protests:

In Portsmouth, and although it’s a piss poor turn out, local fascists turned up to wave at the great south run.

A collection of Portsmouths crap fascists, most notably Jake Hyland (third from right (the taller kid) – he’s got at least 2 criminal convictions for racist harrasment and is a more well known member of Portsmouth EDL. He’s also been reported as giving out NF leaflets at the university before going out to play with his mates. All the other grown ups in this picture are also members of fascist groups. Luckily the kids seem more interested in cheering the runners.

Although it’s probable that having these nutters involved with the Free The 5 campaign can only damage it’s reputation, it’s a warning sign that we shouldn’t get too complacent as we watch the EDL die a slow and painful death. For every 100 or so that have fallen by the wayside there are handfuls of thugs that have become radicalised by the constant racist bile pumped out by the EDL. Extremists within the EDL on local levels have begun flirting with the the more traditional fascist groups like the National Front, as well as new ones such as the Infidels , Combined Ex Forces, and Casuals United. A new group called English Volunteer Force (EVF) has also sprung up to try and capitalise on the fall of the EDL (although the EDL has said it will not recognise groups who post about EVF, as the groups struggle for control). Power struggles aside though they are clearly looking for softer groups to get involved with and try to win over support.

One good thing reported from the south is that the smaller racist groups are limited to short notice demo’s to try and avoid the attentions of antifascists. Unfortunately the northern groups seem to have developed a little further in confidence – luckily there are antifascists working on this!

ACAB – AFAB. A fascist in Portsmouth pins a badge onto a copper who supports executing prisoners of war – it’s just not British!

Walthamstow Call Out Part Deux

21 10 2012

After their miserable day out in Walthamstow a few weeks back, the EDL have promised to return for another demonstration, this coming Saturday, the  27th October – this time without co-operating with the police.  At the last demo they managed to get a measly 300 people out compared to the thousands of locals and anti-fascists that opposed them. Fuck only knows how they think they are going to fare without police protection.

To add to the racists problems 53 of them, including the leaders, got nicked on Saturday as they tried to plan an attack on a London Mosque by all hiding in the back of a removal van!! Those who got nicked are not allowed back into east London as part of their bail…there’s a report from EDL News: Here

If this unpoliced revenge ‘demo’ is anything like when Casuals United tried the same thing in Brighton, it will end up with the fascists skulking around a few pubs, desperately trying to get pissed enough to get the bollocks to go and shout at locals who don’t look white. As easy as it is to laugh at these inept morons, even a handful of drunk racists can inflict injury & damage  on an innocent community. Anti-fascists from AFN were out last time and will be out again, as long as the community is under threat from street fascism.


Fascists Get Fucked in Brighton….Again

4 06 2012

Here’s a couple of links & reposts from the action in Brighton this weekend. Another good day for the Brighton Aniti-Fascists, but in all honesty the biggest mob in town on the day was the police, thousands of them!! – It’s worth noting that a couple of Casuals were arrested for drugs almost as soon as they got off the trains – Maybe they were so pathetic today as they didn’t have the chemical confidence they usually seem to rely upon.

count the baldies – about 30 scumbags are taken to the train station by police.

Couple of quality quotes from the day:

‘If there were no police, there would be no fascists, fact!’  – a member of the public who was asking the police to kindly ‘Piss off so we can get rid of the bastards.’

‘I don’t know why the police don’t just let us sort it out, they (the fascists) would never dare show their faces in Brighton again,’ – Anti-Fascist campaigner.

‘Go on kids, See em off!’ – an elderly lady watching from the railings outside Brighton train station as around a gang of 100 had just legged it down the road in hot pursuit of the 30 fascists being taken to the train station by police.

Fash & Chips

(repost from Schnews)

Casuals United, the football hooligan wing of the EDL, made complete tits of themselves in Brighton today (2nd). In response to their humiliation at March for England the fash thought it would be a good idea to come back in even smaller numbers to have a go at the “rabid hordes of commie UAF gays” that passes for the population of Brighton.

Far right websites, blogs and Facebook pages are already attempting to claim that antifa either a) didn’t turn up, b) ran away, and/or c) attacked patriots unprovoked. In reality the knuckle draggers managed to skulk about in a few pubs (including Belushis, The Saint James & The Amsterdam) while around 100 antifascists stewarded the UK Uncut demo and Palestine Solidarity stall near Churchill Sq. Once the stall had packed up around 3pm the antifascists mobbed up and headed towards Old Steine to confront the racists.

Police halted the majority of the march halfway down North St, meaning only around 30 made it to the bottom of St James Street, where small groups of fash were skulking around making homophobic remarks. A spirited fistfight broke out, though the police waded in before a decisive outcome was reached.

The cops then rounded up most of the EDL and marched them to the train station, with antifascists haranguing them all the way. Many of them then left town with a few others heading back into town to find a pub to defend from Sharia Law.

Antifascists then regrouped for a well earned pint, while others headed to Hollingbury police station to pick up arrested comrades. So far at least 5 antifascists and 5 fascists have been nicked today.

A more complete & concise roundup of the day’s events will be posted in the near future.

Up the punks!!

Another report on Indymedia here: http://www.indymedia.co.uk/en/2012/06/496672.html?c=on

Also less amusing report at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-18308450

And a fairly inaccurate one from the local rag: http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/9742009.18_arrested_during_protests_in_Brighton/

As reported in an earlier post, anyone who wants a laugh (or a cry) should look at the casuals united blog. The blatant bullshit they come out with shows their weakness – The Anti Fascist Network has a policy of not exaggerating, and only reporting the truth, so that we may learn from our mistakes. Here’s a quote from an e-mail from an antifascist doing prisoner support:

Just thought i’d share a little story from yesterday,
After 5 fash & 5 anti fash were arrested a group from Brighton Anti Fascists went up to
the holding cells in a mini bus and 2 cars, i think the uaf had a car there

To pass the time in the van we were talking about the day and for a laugh
thought we’d have a look at how the casuals united blog was spinning the day,
and how they would again try to claim victory when there was none

Amazingly their blog stated that they had 30 people outside the cells for
prisoner support!?!?!  One of the funniest things to read when you are actually there with
absolutley no one one else around (its in the middle of no where).

Every one pissed themselves & Jokes were made that we were surrounded on all sides by invisible fascists!

The first fascist to get released new the score and came out & quickly paced off the
other way, maybe the second one had been expecting his mates to care about him,
he headed straight for the van, and as we piled out he shat himself and bolted to
an awaiting taxi.

So either:

A) the fascists did thier prisoner support at the wrong station,
B) they didnt give a fuck about thier mates and went to the pub or,
C) they went home to dream up stories to post on the blog.

Even if they were at the wrong station, i doubt they had 30 as the maximum
number we counted at the hight of thier numbers was 40.

Its good to see them having to resort to such bollox!

Well done all those who went!!

So in summary of the situation in Brighton. The MFE went tits up for the ‘patriots’ on St Georges Day and The hardcore fascists of Casuals United and EDL couldn’t carry out their threats of revenge, and were made to look like the weak extremist group they are. If the Fascists are stubborn enough to want a third crack at the town I guess all they have left to do is a National EDL Demo….are they really that stupid??


Casual Racism In Brighton

27 05 2012

Anyone who wants to see how completely fucking desperate the far right have got in the UK should check out the Casuals United blog. From what we can tell it relies solely on misinformation and lies…It goes to show that if you repeat a lie enough times you’ll start to believe it yourself.

Check out their site and you’ll notice they’ve got a bit hot under the collar lately about anything happening in Brighton, they really hate the town, the people in it, and the Green party elected representatives. This is an obvious reaction after they humiliated themselves with MFE on St Georges day.

Rather than admit that fascists will never be tolerated in a town like Brighton, they quickly set about lying that ‘Communists had planned to attack women and children’ on the march, and therefore they are trying to get people together for a return visit to the town on the 2nd June.

At the risk of stating the obvious,communists did not plan to attack women and children. Here’s some proof, it’s a video from the start of the March – 11 seconds in the first bottles thrown are clearly come from the nationalist demo.

We believe that it’s probably true that a young girl was hit when a bottle was returned to the fascists, it’s unfortunate but it’s hardly like anyone picks a target as they lob a bottle across a street. But really, what the fuck are you doing taking your kid to a demo where you start a bottle fight you can’t win?

So the Casuals & some MFE and EDL are planning to return to Brighton next Saturday to dish out some revenge. It remains to be seen how many lowlife scum will believe the bullshit and come out to play but surely they can’t do any worse than last time can they?

Some people just never learn – See you Saturday!

Observations From The Playground

16 05 2012

We’ve all seen the change in tactics of the far right recently, as the hardcore grew too extreme for the EDL, and the fluffy patriot facade blurred into full scale street fascism.

Most people will have been keeping an eye on the goings on in Liverpool recently, in which a small gang of fascists turned up to have a go at a picket line of striking workers. Rather than repost the articles here, click on Libcom for a write up or see the one on Liverpool Anti-fascists blog to find out more about the incident.

Once again the fascists seemed to do little else but try to single people out, and of course call the trade unionists ‘paedos’. One guy got arrested and the other mugs wondered off, seemingly without much confrontation (although I’m sure it came as a shock to people who are not used to seeing this kind of thing). The fascists once home then decided to make a facebook page dedicated to calling a chap from  Liverpool Antifascists a ‘Paedo Lover’ (the page has been shut down by facebook). This really highlights the mentality of the people we are opposing here, to say they have a brain age of a 13 year old is definitely unkind to teenagers, but seriously, making a baseless facebook page about someone you don’t like is truly pathetic!  The fact that it was based on the fascists own fantasies rather than any evidence just makes them appear weak, and clutching at straws, desperate to try and fool people into believing them. It didn’t seem to work very well anyway, when I checked it out all the messages on the site were from antifas calling the scum out!

Playground Bullys In Liverpool Last Week Before Going Home To Update Their Status!

So they behave like dumb kids on the internet, but how about real life? From experience it seems they want to be the playground bully, perhaps trying to make up for something that happened in their early years. In general they only attack when they have much more significant numbers, or the most aggressive one singles someone out. From personal experience, they mouth off,  but once confronted most fascists will run, or try to turn it into a discussion before skulking off (and then quickly writing on their facebook accounts that anti-fascists are all thugs).

This is why we advocate numbers on the street, whatever your level of commitment, the hardest part is getting out of bed (and coping with the boredom that sometimes comes with fash watching at demos). When faced with a mob 9 times out of 10 they bottle it.

As for ‘Casuals United’, many of us are not sure that they have many casuals at all for the following reasons:

  1. There are not a huge amount of firms in the UK. Those that do exist are made up of a cross section of lads, most of whom ain’t fascist or racist.
  2. Loads of the blokes who go on about their firms are old (too old), and talking about the ‘good old days’ when hooliganism was at it’s height. They are not effective opponents.
  3. Most of the younger lads seem to have watched a few footy hooligan films, bought a Stone Island cap, and call themselves casuals without any real knowledge.
  4. The idea of ‘uniting’ the casuals for a common cause doesn’t really make sense, if you’re in a firm you leave the politics at the door and fight together, against other firms. Whilst many firms contained NF and other far right in the ’80s & ’90s, they also had guys from Red Action, and AFA.

An example of this was seen in Brighton the other week. 6 ‘casuals’ in a pub, 6 anti-fascists walk in. The Nazis jump to their feet & one picks up a chair – the chair is quickly taken off him and thrown to the side, the lads leg it, to the amusement of the anti-fascists trying to keep their town tidy! (Hopefully we’ll be getting an article through soon about militant left casuals.)

So what’s trying to be said here really is that we need to look after each other, like in Liverpool last week, stick together, don’t let the scum bully people. For people who shy away from confrontation, there’s always other work to be done, but just try challenging a racist next time you overhear them in a pub, you’ll be surprised how quickly they get embarrassed when stood up to! Also we should always remember that MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT RACIST, and yes, most people are against extremist religion…and paedos!!

(these are just my thoughts, in the next few months updating the blog will be passed onto another group to keep things nice and democratic! Anti Fascist Always!)



Brighton: The EDL Casuals continue to humiliate themselves.

30 04 2012

 Just to lighten the mood a little, check out this below! The original post has now been removed from the casuals page, but it’s all over facebook as furious morons rush to jump on the bandwagon.  Post comes with free picture just to prove that having a tattoo doesn’t mean you can punch your way out of a paper bag…

repost from EDLNews; Published on Monday, 30 April 2012 11:18
Hits: 744

Casuals United member with a silly tattoo

After their humiliating day In Brighton last week, The Casuals are planning to attack the Cowley Club in Brighton after making wild claims that it was the venue where the Communists (or maybe the Communards) hatched their plans to attack them.

For those that do not know who the Casuals are, they are the English Defence League’s badly dressed and semi literate football hooligan division and they are very very sore about the way the local people of Brighton chased them out of town, so in a face saving exercise they have vowed to stamp their authority on a town that does not want them there.

They joined up with March for England (MfE) to participate in their annual demo in the town, accompanied by various far right extremists, racists and sieg heilers. They were met by thousands of locals who opposed their fascist ideologies.  The Casuals, EDL and MfEers had to resort to hiding behind young children after starting a bottle throwing fight.

Such was the humiliation, they have announced they they are going to target the Cowley Club and posted their plans on their hilariously shrill blog.  The intention is to disrupt an anti racism gig which is strange because they spend rather  a lot of their time claiming they are not racists.

They claim their intentions are peaceful but due to the fact that they have only joined up with these morons due to football banning orders, their claims are rather dubious. This is further backed up when they were caught bragging on Twitter about a cowardly attack they launched on a pensioner at the weekend, leaving him hospitalised. They claimed it was done in revenge for Brighton.

There is one obvious flaw to this plan though, the gig they are planning to disrupt was held in May 2011 and it is well and truly over by now.

It did not end there though, they are planning to go back to Brighton to ‘celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee’.

Various threats of violence towards the people of Brighton have been made and the following was posted on their Facebook by a guy with a ‘white power’ profile picture who was offering up the above poor quality intelligence.

It does seem as though they have got their dates wrong completely and will actually miss the Jubilee as pointed out by a more intelligent contibutor to the page.

For such rank idiocy, the Casuals have found themselves in Derek Fender Corner, the place on the internet where everyone comes to laugh at them.

Fascist Attacks In London This Weekend

29 04 2012

After last weekend in Brighton those monitoring the fascists will have noticed they seem to have completely shifted their hatred from Muslims to the Left….Something some of us are quite pleased about. Showing their true colours at last, It’s very doubtful they will pick up any more support now, it’s more difficult to convince people that their friends and family may be ‘red scum’ than it is to go on about  Islam & Sharia law.

The amount of bullshit flying about in far right circles is as crazy as it gets, one report (from Casuals United) actually said that the MFE counter protesters “left the men alone and bottled the women and kids” – If anyone believes this shit they have serious problems, possibly even beyond fascism! We’ll put together an article all about the shit filtering out of the far right on this subject next week.

As expected it’s looking like an attempted revenge for being completely humiliated  in Brighton is starting to happen.  The report below  is from a re-post although other information from London Anti-Fascists suggests the Mob, possibly London EDL, was about 15 deep, so had clearly been organised before hand, with a separate gang targeting a stall in Central London (no violence reported). Unlike the fascists, and as terrible as it may be that 15 thugs can attack 2 paper sellers and hospitalise a pensioner in the process, lets not whinge and moan, lets get fucking organised!

This is a re-post from libcom, originally from http://transpont.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/fascist-attack-in-lewisham-today.html

Reports on Twitter and elsewhere that one person (and possibly two people) needed hospital treatment today after extreme right wing thugs attacked a socialist stall in Lewisham town centre.

I didn’t see the actual attack, but it did not surprize me. As reported here yesterday, Unite Against Fascism had announced that an anti-BNP cavalcade would be starting out from Lewisham Clock Tower at 11 am. I was down there at 11 and there was no sign of the lorry, but there was a very obvious group of about 10 -15 fascists standing by Lewisham Food Market and closely watching what was going on at the Clock Tower. They had scouts posted on corners nearby presumably looking out for signs of the cavalcade.

I got a good look at one of them as she came away from the group and stood at the bottom of Lee High Road – a pasty faced woman with dyed black hair and an eyebrow piercing, wearing a black Paul’s Boutique coat with a yellow cancer charity daffodil. I think the rest were all blokes, mostly in their 20s or younger wearing various rain gear [can I just be clear that I don’t have a problem with eyebrow piercing or Paul’s Boutique – the description is included because it might help the victims identify their attackers, not to make any snobby point about EDL dress codes]

I tweeted ‘In Lewisham waiting for arrival of anti-BNP bus, ten or so moody looking possible BNP by clock tower’. After about half an hour it looked like the cavalcade wasn’t coming. I heard that the lorry had technical faults and so wouldn’t be coming to Lewisham, so I headed off.

As I was leaving I saw a couple of local Socialist Workers Party members on their way to set up their regular Saturday stall and warned them about the dodgy crew nearby. Fair play to them, they refused to be intimidated and went ahead as normal. Shortly afterwards they were attacked.

On Twitter the attack is being blamed on the ‘English Defence League’, but it’s difficult to say whether they were BNP or EDL or both. The EDL did post a crowing message on twitter (laughably comparing their opponents to ‘fascists’).

No doubt they will be boasting of their audacity in operating in a multi-racial area like Lewisham. Hardly an act of great bravery though for the cream of the master race to attack two people selling papers, one of them a pensioner.

Presumably Lewisham police were sheltering from the rain in their huge station opposite the scene of the attack. The perpetrators were present for at least 45 minutes before the attack, can’t believe that a group of young black men looking menacing in the same place would have escaped their notice.

Update (Sunday 29 April): two further witnesses have left acccounts in the comments –

– ‘I was there and helped one of the attacked men up. He must of been in his late 60’s and was punched to the ground.The other guy was headbutted and looked like he had a broken cheekbone. I offered to take them to the hospital but they opted for an ambulance. No police anywhere even though it was opposite one of the biggest police stations in Europe. They wasn’t just young, there was older guys in there 40’s with them too’.

– ‘I was there too. A group had gathered quite a while before and even though I had no idea of the planned meeting it was obvious they were up to something. Maybe 7 or 8 younger men plus an older man and the woman with Paul’s Boutique coat. After attack they left laughing. They hardly ran. Very surprised police did not come at all during this time’.

The older man who was attacked was apparently 74 years old (just to be clear the second person attacked isn’t a pensioner).