Kick off at Clapton FC

5 01 2015


If you were paying attention, you may have heard news about a fascist attack on anti-fascist fans of Clapton FC just before Christmas. We reported elements of this on our twitter feed at the time, but here’s some further info to update you and to fill in some of the background…

Clapton FC is a small football club in a very diverse area of East London, playing in the Essex Senior League. For three seasons now they have gathered an enthusiastic and dedicated following calling themselves the ‘Clapton Ultras’. This dedicated anti-racist, anti-fascist and pro-working class group of fans has resulted in Clapton seeing some of the highest turnouts for matches in their League, drawing in people pissed off with the extortionate price and soulless atmosphere of many major-league clubs. The ‘Ultras’ have also got involved with the local community, supporting the Focus E15 mothers, anti-immigration raids campaigns and collecting donations for local foodbanks.

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