Dover – Solidarity and Kettled Nazis

2 04 2016

Today, anti-fascists from across the country stood in solidarity with locals from around Dover to oppose neo-nazis and assorted far-right rejects who decended on the town, once more openly flying fascist flags and seig heiling.


The pathetic fascist turnout.

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Nazis: You’ll Always Walk Alone

28 02 2016

What a day in Liverpool!
After initially calling their demonstration for Manchester, the North West Infidels and National Action decided that they’d have another bash at Liverpool instead. What a rookie error that was.

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New Year… Same Struggle!

3 01 2016

2016 is only a few days old and already it looks set to go off with a bang. Several far-right groups have already announced protests and the AFN is gearing up for a busy year.



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Fascists blockade Dover pub garden

26 01 2015



** 1 banner
** a bunch of airhorns
** a minibus
** all dignity

… These were some of the items a sad crew of 30 assorted fascists lost on today’s ‘Secure our Borders – Support the Truckers’ shuffle round the roundabout on the Dover seafront, opposed by around 40 autonomous antifascists.

The fascist plan to ‘blockade the port’ was promoted by a few obscure fascist groups on their Facebook sites, the demo being designed to coincide with “Sauvons Calais” anti-immigration demo on the other side of the Channel. English Volunteer Force, National Front, and white power flags were spotted on the Dover demo.

As is traditional, the fash gathered in a car park under a grey sky, and on seeing us antifascists retreated to the garden of a local pub – which turned out to be closed. So they were confined to the garden for a pintless hour until they mustered up enough numbers to move.

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Against Fascism – Against Borders: Join us in Dover on Sunday 25th

22 01 2015


On Sunday 25th supporters of the far-right will be gathering in Dover supposedly to ‘support the truckers’. Their Facebook page says the group ‘Support the Calais to Dover Truckers’ is to support “truckers who are under constant attack from illegal immigrants”.

When this group first popped up last year you might have been forgiven for thinking it was some Daily Mail-esque racism-lite. However, when the group held their first demo on 27th September, it was very clear that this was not the case – the main component of the demo appeared to be from the National Front, and they were joined by the now rudderless free-floating Führer-without-a-Volk Nick Griffin and also Paul Prodromou of the South East Alliance.

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Kick off at Clapton FC

5 01 2015


If you were paying attention, you may have heard news about a fascist attack on anti-fascist fans of Clapton FC just before Christmas. We reported elements of this on our twitter feed at the time, but here’s some further info to update you and to fill in some of the background…

Clapton FC is a small football club in a very diverse area of East London, playing in the Essex Senior League. For three seasons now they have gathered an enthusiastic and dedicated following calling themselves the ‘Clapton Ultras’. This dedicated anti-racist, anti-fascist and pro-working class group of fans has resulted in Clapton seeing some of the highest turnouts for matches in their League, drawing in people pissed off with the extortionate price and soulless atmosphere of many major-league clubs. The ‘Ultras’ have also got involved with the local community, supporting the Focus E15 mothers, anti-immigration raids campaigns and collecting donations for local foodbanks.

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Antifascism in the UK: Highlights of 2014

5 01 2015

reblogged from UK Aktion

January 1st 2015

This past year has been a busy one for antifascists in the UK, seeing many successful counter-mobilisations against the far-right, resulting in swathe of victories for antifascists. The year began with a bang when Hungarian fascist party Jobbik attempted to hold a meeting in London in January. Kicking off the year, literally, with direct physical confrontation, multiple tube stations were blockaded whilst militant antifascists chased them around London. Well-aimed boots drove these fascists to retreat and cower in fear in an Indian restaurant, making them think twice about meeting in London again.


EDL in Slough, Feb 2014

At the beginning of February the EDL attempted to march through the diverse town of Slough. An impressive mobilisation of several hundred antifascists and locals easily outnumbered the EDL, blocking the high street in several places, forcing the local plod to clear the street violently with baton and horse charges. The ensuing scenes recalled to some the London riots of 2011, in the level of physical confrontation with the police. Considering the chaos, antifascist arrests were minimal and two pigs were injured whilst trying to defend the fascists. This was a very successful day for antifascists as the EDL march was outnumbered and disrupted all the way along it’s route.

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Third time unlucky for the fascists – victory in Cricklewood (again!)

4 09 2014


On Saturday 30th August the South East Alliance – a small splinter group of the EDL who have developed an unhealthy obsession with North West London – returned for the third time to Cricklewood. They were protesting about the presence in the area of what they allege to be offices of Egypt’s ex-governing party the Muslim Brotherhood.

However, being a bunch a swastika-waving, seig-heiling fascist goons, they weren’t going to be allowed to parade around and abuse people unopposed.

North West London United is a broad community mobilisation that was set up to oppose the fascists’ last visit to the area. NWLU organised at quite short notice to oppose the SEA but still managed to distribute thousands of leaflets, stick posters up all over NW London, and speak to countless locals.

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Oppose the ‘South East Alliance’ in Cricklewood Sat 14th June

10 06 2014


Tell your mates and join us on the streets!

11am Saturday June 14th // 113 CRICKLEWOOD BROADWAY, NW2, London

London Anti-Fascists are mobilising together with local residents and other anti-fascist groups, including North London Anti-Fascists to oppose the far-right ‘South East Alliance’ in Cricklewood, North London this coming Saturday 14th June. They have all been busy and thousands of leaflets have been distributed in Kilburn and Cricklewood to a very positive response.

Who are the SEA?

The ‘South East Alliance’ are one of the EDL splinter groups that huddle under the ‘United British Patriots’ umbrella. Their last attempt to ‘unite the right’ on the streets was the March for England in Brighton when, as has become traditional, they were hounded out of town and outnumbered 10 to 1 by the unhappy residents of that seaside town.

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Anti-fascist action in Lincoln and London this weekend

20 01 2014


Saturday saw mobilisations against the far-right in both Lincoln and London. The bad guys this time were not the EDL but some of the plethora of tiny but even nastier far-right groups who think the EDL are a bunch of liberals.


The demonstration in Lincoln was called by the ‘East Anglian Patriots’ but supported by a number of allied far-right groups. They parachuted in from the outside (Lincoln is not in East Anglia!) to impose their views on the population of the town regarding the proposed construction of a mosque.

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